8 Relationship Problems You Just Can’t Fix

There are, of course, some problems in a relationship that seems unfixable. They are also the reasons that couple separate from each other, or part their ways. If you are aware of these telltale signs, then you will do good to steer clear of them, or take corrective actions, if possible

1. Contempt for each other ruling your relationship

Contempt developers over time, over arguments, finger pointing and blaming each other. If neither partner softens in an argument, over a period of time it leads to contempt and a possible divorce.

2. Your partner is needlessly argumentative

There will be times when your partner’s view will be strikingly opposite to yours. If every time, the same person wins, then actually, both loses. If partners provoke arguments and finds for reasons not to forgive each other, then, the going gets tough, and often, impossible.

Couple needlessly arguing

3. Cheating and infidelity

Being unfaithful is exhausting, and heartbreaking for the other partner. It can still be repaired, only if the unfaithful partner turns honest about his cheating and is prepared to leave the affair behind. But if it or a new one crops up again, then often the rift becomes un repairable and the relation becomes undesirable.

4. Secrecy on the time you are not together

While space is of tantamount importance in any relationship, too much secrecy on time spent when you are apart may create rifts and suspicions.

5. Incompatible sex drives

If a partner has high sex drive, while the other has little or no drive, both will feel that they are incompatible to the relationship. In these cases, it is best to bid adieu to the relationship and part ways.

6. You drag your partner close but your partner pushes you away

Display of public intimacy is highly culture dependent and to some extent, personal as well. If one of you loves hugs and cuddling in public view as well, while other is absolutely averse to it, and keeps physical intimacy limited to close doors, then it is bound to bring in a sense of non-belongingness. This brings in dissent, which later manifests itself into quarrels and contempt.

Couple dragging each other

7. Narcissism

This is actually a psychological disorder that gets worse every passing day. People affected by this always considers themselves superior, and others to be extension of their personal self. They frequently undermine’sother’s good deeds by their contempt. They have little regard for their partner or anyone else’s feelings. It is difficult, if not impossible, to stay in a relationship with a narcissist.

8. Open up to each other, Share your daily experiences

If you are not sharing your frustrations, happiness, achievements, failures and other emotions and activities of your daily life, and feel it is better to stay bottled up, lying on the sofa and watch TV instead, then in due course, you will be alienated from your partner, taking a gruesome turn. It is good to discuss part of your time that you were not together, over the day. It increases your happiness and gives you more strength to face the negativities. After all, everything is a state of mind.

Couple walking and sharing their daily experience

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Relationships gets stronger when both are willing to understand mistakes and forgive each other.

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