Some Gift Ideas for Christmas in July

Christmas in July Gift Ideas

Christmas in July is one occasion when you can indulge in a shopping expedition not only for your loved ones but it should also include yourself as well, without feeling guilty in the least. Selecting a gift for everyone will require a good deal of your time and sincerity. If you start planning now, you can give everyone on your Christmas list a memorable gift this year. It is never too early to start making or buying gifts for all those special people on your holiday gift list. Here are some great gift ideas for the entire family which includes your pets, loving parents and wonderful grandparents. We also have gathered some nice gift ideas for your friends, colleagues and teachers you care for to send out gifts with love...

For your special Mom:

There's no one quite like her. Through the years she has nursed us whenever you were hurt and a flamboyant cheerleader whenever you scored a winning goal. Her powerful smile and soothing voice have always made our days sunny and bright from grey. She has the Midas touch. Show her your love and appreciation on this Christmas in July for everything that she has ever done with one of these special gifts from the heart:

Gift of Music: If your mom loves music, then select the following.

CD Collection: Put together a CD Collection of her favorite melodies and watch her eyes light up. This gift is sure to be a hit. Arrange the CDs in a nice wicker basket lined with a luxurious satin throw. She'll love to use it while she's curling up listening to her favorite CDs.

CDs Music Box: Music boxes of today are very different than those of yesterday. These days you can choose a melody or even compose your own. It's a great item if your Mom is a collector or loves a bit of nostalgia.

Jewelry: You can never go wrong with jewelry. Look for something unique that matches her personal style. Estate and period jewelry, with a little bit of history, also make for an ideal gift selection.

Weekend Get away: If your mom never seems to slow down, a weekend getaway might help her to rejuvenate and catch her breath. Smaller inns will usually work out a special weekend deal for you, Wine Country Tour: If your wallet is friendly, tie in your mom's weekend getaway with a fabulous wine country tour. She'll have a ball sampling complimentary wine tasting, learning about the art of winemaking and strolling through the myriad of shops along the way. Go online and do your homework. Then call your travel agent to work out the details.

Ethnic Cookbook: For all those Moms who remain unbeatable in cooking unbelievable dishes, Ethnic cookbooks are windows to creating dishes from other cultures. And they're a really invaluable as gifts for people who enjoy cooking various cuisine like Thai, Brazilian, German or Finnish.


The all time favorite gift items for a Mom are: Glass wares or crystal set, Accessories, Kitchenware. Home Garden Equipment and Accessories, books, flowers and chocolates. It has been said that no one can replace a mother's love. Show her the depth of yours with a thoughtful gift from the heart.

Gift Ideas for a wonderful Dad:

He was the the guy who taught you how to ride a bike. Over and over again he'd toss you high into the air (against your mother's will!), until it hurt to laugh. Always there to lend a helping hand, there's no one else that quite compares. In fact, there's nothing as special as the dad you cherish and love. In your eyes he falls among the VIPs of all VIPs. So show him how much you care by giving him a special gift with love on Christmas in July. But for someone as extraordinary as your dad here are several gift ideas that should meet dad's approval:

Dad with gifts


Men's Valet Tray: Also called stash trays, these leather organizers are the perfect place for dad to store extra keys, loose change and any other items that need a place to go. Perfect for a dresser drawer, it's a great gift for the organized man who likes to have everything in a certain place.


Digital Cameras: If he doesn't already have one, you need to get him a digital camera. Shop around for the perfect model or ask others what they use and like. You can also visit Consumer Reports online to read what the experts have to say. The price for these exceptional photo takers varies, so make sure to do your homework to get your monies worth.


Star Navigator: Remember the nights when you and your dad used to stare at the stars? Well, now you can give him his own handheld star navigator. They feature a built-in digital compass and microchip technology. Its a unique gift idea that dad will have fun using night after night.

Remember to give him a gift that expresses your gratitude for all that he has done for you over the years. Choose from one of the gift ideas above or come up with your own. He'll love the surprise!

The all time favorite gifts for dad on Christmas in July

Board Games, Family Games, Books, ,Cool t-shirts, Watches, his favorite Music CDs, Travel Accessories

For those awesome kids

Get back to basics when buying a gift for your kid. Surprise and delight the children you love with one of the great classic gift ideas above.

Classic Gift Ideas for Children on Christmas in July

Remember the days of wooden trains, erector sets and Cabbage Patch Dolls about Rubik's Cubes, Tinker toys or View Masters? These are all examples of classic toys that have a special place in our hearts, So instead of buying a child a techno-funky gadget, why not consider giving them a classic gift that will stand the test of time.

Here are just a few suggestions:

Rocking Chair: The best seat in the house will definitely be theirs with the gift of a wonderful rocking chair. This is a classic gift that parents and children both love. This piece of furniture can be given to your kid to remember his childhood gifts on any special occasion. For a special touch, personalize with the child's name.

Original Lincoln Logs: The idea for Lincoln Logs first came to life in 1910. Introduced just after Tinker toys and the Erector Set, Lincoln Logs were yet another construction toy to make it big. They are a toy maker's dream and an absolute hit with kids! Look for collector's editions that feature vintage style wooden carrying cases.

Chutes and Ladders Game: Chutes and Ladders has been a favorite game among children for generations. it's a great educational toy that helps children learn to retain and recall information. It's ideal for younger children who are still learning to take turns and just beginning to recognize numbers and older children who love action. Chutes and Ladders is mom approved!

Mr. Potato Head: This is an all time classic toy that makes a perfect gift for children of all ages.

All time favorite gifts for kids on all special occasions:

dollsBoard Games, Children's' Activities, Children's' Games, Children's Toys, Children's Books, camping gear. Garden Bird Feeders, Picnic Backpacks.

For cool friends and others:

Buying gifts for your friends or co-workers needs special attention and care. Here we are with thoughtful gift ideas:

Photos: Pick up a nice photo album or frame to gift to your friend on a special occasion like this. It would surely be highly appreciated. pet rockFill it with personal photos that have sentimental meaning to the recipient. Try creating a themed photo album for originality and a personal touch- like through the ages or high school days - and include copies of brochures, newspaper articles or other tidbits that tie in with the theme and can be easily inserted into the photo pages.

Pet rocks: Gifting your best friend will be a special surprise on this Christmas in July. It works for everyone, young and old alike.

SunglassSun Glasses: Sunglasses are the epitome of being cool and happening.

Image Lamps: These 3D lamps are like nothing you've seen before. The image in the globe seems to follow you around the room. The person that receives this gift will certainly enjoy it. It's an awesome addition to any cool room.


Hands-Free, I-pods: With these handy little gadgets, no one can really complain.


MonopolyMonopoly: Monopoly is a super cool game all gizmo lovers. It’s a sure hit! The game makes a great gift for of all ages.

The other items that you can gift out to your friends: Ceramic Mugs with quotes, their favorite Accessories, Books, Rugs & Accessories,