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Quiz for Columbus Day

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Answer the questions below:

1. Columbus had 3 well known ships. They were named the...
2. When was Columbus born?
3. Where do many historians believe Columbus was born?
4. On which date did Columbus and his crew first make landfall in what would be known as the New World?
5. What did Columbus name the island where he first landed?
6. Which of the following was not one of the ships on Columbus' first voyage?
7. What land did the expedition first encounter?
8. On which island did Columbus found the settlement of La Isabela, the first Spanish colony in the New World?
9. How many trips did Columbus make to the New World?
10. How many ships did Columbus have on his second voyage in 1493?
11. When was the first recorded celebration of Columbus Day in the United States?
12. Which of Columbus' ships ran aground and had to be abandoned?
13. The monarchs of Spain had commissioned Columbus to look for something that would bring them great wealth. What was it?
14. When was Columbus died?
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