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This year Dussehra is on Tuesday, 24 October, 2023

Dussehra, also known as Dashehra or Dasara, is the final day of the Hindu Navaratri festival. Celebrated in the northern part of India on the tenth day of the bright fortnight (Shukla Paksha) of the Hindu autumn month of Ashvin, the occassion commemorates the victory of Lord Rama, the legendary Hindu prince, over Ravana - the ruler of Lanka. In keeping with the mood for the occassion, here we bring for you this wondrous section on Dussehra that includes splendid wallpapers themed to the festival as also well-researched articles on the history, legends and celebration of Dussehra and more. If you like our Dussehra section and want to have your dear ones enjoy it too, click here to refer this page to them. Spread the spirit of the occasion to all. Happy Dusshera! In Varanasi, Dussehra is celebrated in a sacred and joyous

Happy Dussehra!
Dusshera Greeting Cards
Kullu Dasara
History of Dusshera
Know all about the fascinating origin of Dussehra and its significance for the Hindus in Northern India.
Know how Dussehra, the tenth and final day of the Navratri festival, is celebrated across different parts of India.
Dusshera wallpapers
Set these attractive images themed to Dusshera on your PC screen and bring home the celebrations.
Read about some of the most popular legends that are commonly believed to have given rise to the Dussehra festival.
Rituals of Dusshera
Rituals of Dusshera
Acquaint yourself with some of the most interesting and popular rituals of the Dussehra festival.
Ram Lila
Ram Lila
Learn about this dramatic folk play of Northern India that commemorates the victory of Lord Rama over Ravana.
Gift Ideas
Present your loved ones with the perfect Dussehra gifts putting these gift tips to good use. Click Here
Crafts Ideas
Express the artist in yourself applying these assistive tips and making lovely Dussehra crafts for your loved ones. Click Here
Prepare savory cuisines on Dussehra using these traditional culinary directions themed to the festival. Click Here

Darasa Quiz
Test your knowledge with these wonderful Dasara quiz.
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The festival Dussehra is the festival celebrating goodness over that of evil. This is the festival celebrating the triumph of Lord Rama over the ten headed demon Ravana.
Dussehra Puja
Every hindu celebrate this festival. This page will provide you with the methods of performing the puja as well the requirements needed so that the puja can be performed with utmost devotion.

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