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Dasara Quiz

Quiz for Dussehra

correct on first try

Try this quiz on Dussehra and make some scores. For each correct answer, you get a point. Anything above 4 points is good! Get going!

Answer the questions below:

  1. Dasara is also known as?

  2. In the northern part of India Dasara celebrates Rama's victory over whom?

  3. Where in Karnataka does the Dasara celebartion have elephants parade?

  4. Kumbhakarna is a deamon famous for what?

  5. For how many days Dasara Puja is performed?

  6. In what form did Ravana disguise infornt of Sita before kidnapping her?

  7. Who wrote great epic Ramayana?

  8. At night, effigies of Ravana,_________ and Meghnada are stuffed with fire crackers

  9. The ___________ an enactment the life of Lord Rama is held during the nine days preceding Dasara?

  10. According to Ramayana, Lord Rama performed this Puja to win over Ravana?