Dragon Boat Festival Craft Ideas

One of the most important events in China, the Dragon Boat Festival is celebrated annually with much fanfare and splendor. The occasion is now observed in many places with Dragon boat racing, one of the major customs of the festival, practiced in over 50 countries and territories around the world. To add to your Dragon Boat festival celebrations, here we bring you some wonderful craft-making ideas that are well-suited to the mood of the occasion. Go through these stepwise directions and construct fabulous crafts to gift to your loved ones. If you like these Dragon Boat Festival Craft Ideas and want to have your friends have a peek at this page, just click here to refer this article to them. Happy "Duan Wu Jie"!

Craft Ideas for Dragon Boat Festival

Make wonderful crafts this "Double Fifth Day" with these step-by-step instructions.

Dragon Boat Stick Puppets

dragon boat stick puppets

Materials required:

1) Card stock
2) Crayons
3) Ribbon
4) Glue
5) Craft feathers
6) Scissors


1) Using crayons, draw the outline of a large dragon boat on card stock. Draw a pointy tail, bulging eyeballs, wide toothy mouth, and fiery nostrils on the dragon head of the boat.

2) Cut the shape out with heavy scissors. This will be your template. Using this, you can cut similar boat shapes or make boats with different designs.

3) Colour each dragon boat cutout as you like. Fix a curled ribbon to the dragon’s nostrils with glue (to indicate the coming out of smoke from the dragon and thus giving it a fierce look). Crease foil and attach craft feathers to make exciting adornments. Add shiny highlights with glue. Keep aside for sometime to let dry the glue.

4) Decorate a craft stick for each boat puppet. Glue sticks to the backs of your boat. Air-dry the glue.

Dragon Boat Craft

Materials required:

1) Papers - 2, A4/letter sized.
2) Colorful markers
3) Glue
4) Scissors


1) Construct a boat using one A4 size paper.

2) Draw 2 pairs of dragon heads and tails on the paper. Decorate these with markers.

3. Cut the paper dragon heads and tails. Glue these onto the origami boat.

4. Draw some scale patterns on the body of the dragon boat. Decorate these with markers.

5) Decorate your dragon boat with decorative items such as glitters, stickers and the like. Make sure that you do not make it too heavy to float.

6) Set your Dragon Boat on sail and have fun!

Fire Cracker Craft

Materials Needed:

1) Toilet Paper Roll - 1.
2) Rubber Bands - 2 -3.
3) Paper
4) Yarn
5) Paint (preferably red)
6) Scissors


1) Paint the toilet paper in red color (or any colour you like). Keep aside to dry.

2) Cut 2 circles (about 3 - 4 inches crosswise) out of the paper. You can paint or color them to match your toilet paper roll. Let dry.

3) Make a small hole in the center of one of your paper circles and pass a piece of yarn, about 6 inch long, through it. See that the long end of the yarn hangs on the decorated side of the paper. Leave about 1 inch of yarn on the side of the circle that is not decorated. Tape down the yarn piece to hold it in place.

4) Using rubber bands, attach the circles to the toilet paper roll. See that the decorated side remains upwards. Line up each circle on each side of the toilet paper roll. Wrap the rubber band around a few times. This will hold the circles in place.

How to make an Origami Dragon Boat Festival

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