Online Dragon Boat Festival Quiz

Every year, the famous Dragon Boat Festival is celebrated with much fanfare in almost every nation where there is a presence of the Chinese community. But just how well do you know about this occasion? Attempt our exciting quiz on Dragon Boat Festival and find it out for yourself. If you like trying the quiz and want your friends and loved ones to have a go at it too, just click here and pass on this page to them.

Dragon Boat Festival Quiz

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Have fun attempting our fabulous Dragon Boat Quiz. For each correct entry, you will be reawarded with 1 point. Anything more than 6 points is cool and over 8 points is just great. Get going!

  1. In Taiwan, the Dragon Boat Festival is known as

  2. The Duanwu Festival occurs on the ___ day of the fifth month of the Chinese calendar

  3. The Dragon Boat Festival is believed to commemorate the death by suicide of

  4. Which of these is not a part of the Dragon Boat Festival?

  5. The boat racing festival emerged in Hong Kong as an international "sport" in

  6. "Duan Wu" was celebrated in mainland China as a public holiday for the first time in

  7. The "Duan Wu" Festival is believed to have originated in

  8. Dragon boat racing was listed into the Chinese state sports competition programs for the first time in

  9. The custom of eating Zong Zi is not popular in

  10. The Chinese government made "Duan Wu" a national holiday in the People's Republic of China in the year
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