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International Women's Day

International Women's Day

International's Women's Day is the day to celebrate womanhood. Celebrated on 8 March, it is the global day connecting all women around the world and inspiring them to achieve their full potential. Though such a cause cannot be confined to a single day, yet, the importance of this day cannot be undermined if we remember that it stands for the emancipation of the common woman. So let's take time off to mark and salute the essence of womanhood. It doesn't matter whether you are 13 or 30. If you are a woman of spirit, and proud of your womanhood, indulge yourself in this special section which has been created just for you. So, just scroll down and explore our fabulous Women's Day section to your heart's content. Add that extra zing to your celebrations of the day of women. If you like our splendid section on International Women's Day, share this page in all social sites like Facebook, Twitter and WhatsApp to all your friends out there and celebrate with them the spirit of womanhood. Have a liberating Women's day!

International Women's Day is on Friday, 8th March, 2024.

Women's Day Celebrations
  • When I was born a women was there to hold me : MY MOTHER
  • I grew as a child. A women was there to care for me & play with me : MY SISTER
  • I went to school. A women was there to help me learn : MY TEACHER
  • I became depressed whenever I lost. A women was there to offer a shoulder : MY GIRL FRIEND
  • I needed company, compatibility & love, A great women was there for me : MY WIFE
  • I became tough, A women was there 2 melt me : MY DAUGHTER
  • When I die. A women is there to absorb me in : MY MOTHERLAND