International Women's Day Across the World

A major day of global celebration of womanhood, International Women's Day is a cherished time and a reason of pride for millions of women the world over. At present, the day is observed in a number of prominent countries. Read on to know how International Women's Day is celebrated across different nations of the world. If you like reading this article, and that you will surely do, just share this article to your friends and dear ones. Happy International Women's Day!

Women's Day Around The World

International Women's Day across the world

In Armenia, International Women's Day (IWD) is observed as an official holiday. After the collapse of the Soviet Union, IWD celebrations were abandoned in Armenia and a similar day dedicated to ‘Beauty and Motherhood’ was introduced as state holiday to be observed annually on April 7. This new holiday got immediate popularity among Armenians, owing to the fact that it commemorates one of the main holidays of Armenian Church, Annunciation. However, people still kept celebrating IWD on March 8 as well.

In Romania, International Women's Day (IWD) is an official holiday. Here it is observed as an equivalent of Mother's Day. The Romanian IWD celebrations include gift-giving of little children to their mothers and grandmothers.

In Bosnia and Herzegovina, Brazil, Croatia, Hungary, Romania, Moldova, Macedonia, Montenegro, Poland, Bulgaria, Slovenia and Serbia International Women's Day sees enthusiastic celebrations. Observed as an official holiday, IWD is observed by men giving flowers and small gifts to the women in their lives - mothers, wives, girlfriends, colleagues, etc. Sometimes, women get gifts from their employers too. In schools, pupils often bring gifts for their teachers on this day.

In Italy, men give yellow mimosas to women on this day. Yellow mimosas and chocolate are also one of the most common March 8 presents in Russia.

In Portugal, the day is celebrated by women as well as the men in their lives. The night of 8 March sees groups of women celebrate the occasion together in "women-only" dinners and parties.

In India, IWD is celebrated with great fervor. Many celebrations are held during this day. Several women’s organizations, Non Government Organizations (NGO), students and social activists actively participate to make the occasion a success. Various seminars, mass rallies, movie and documentary shows are organized and a number of gender sensitive plays are staged to arouse general awareness about the day and lead to the empowerment of common women.

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