Muharram Crossword Puzzle Solutions

The sacred month of Muharram is here again and it calls for a religious celebration. TheHolidaySpot aims to mark this holy occassion with a fantastic crossword puzzle themed to Muharram. Attempt this entertaining Muharram Crossword Puzzle and observe Muharram like never before. If you like solving this Muharram Crossword Puzzle and want your friends to enjoy it too, click here and refer it to your friends. Have a sacred Muharram observance with TheHolidaySpot!

Crossword Solutions
2.Ashurah - The most sacred day of Muharram.
4.Karbala - The battle where Hussein was killed took place here.
7.Muhammad - He was the grandfather of Hazrat Imam Hussain.
1.Mosque - The prayerhouse of Islamic people.
2.Allah - The only deity whom the Muslims worship.
3.Nazar - The free meal provided by mosque officials to people during Muharram.
5.First - Muharram is the ____ Muslim month.
6.Sacred - The meaning of the word "Muharram".
8.Tomb - The Taziahs are replicas of Hussein's ______.

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