Traditional Belief

The history of the Holi is dated back to the period when the love story of Radha and Krishna was written. Lord Krishna who used to love Radha had applied dark color on the cheeks of Radha while doing pranks. Radha was fairer than Krishna and was looking different and beautiful to lord Krishna. After the incident, Radha chased Krishna with a wooden stick (laathi) in her hand.

One upon a time when Radha and her friends (gopis) were bathing in a nearby pond together, Krishna had stolen their clothes from the banks of the pond. Radha and her friends decided to teach Krishna a lesson.

To commemorate the Holi, celebrated by Krishna and Radha, the festival of Lathmaar Holi is celebrated in Braj in March, on Phalgun Purnima, the day of full moon. Mathura, Vrindacan, Gokul, Barsana and other adjoining places are there in Braj.

During this traditional occasion of Lathmaar holi women of Barsana chase men and charge them with well oiled lathis. The men folk try to protect and shield themselves with leather shields in the middle of the well spread out clouds of colors.