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Lohri Gift Ideas

"What was the use of this?" and a mock irritation follows when a dear one presents us with a great gift. But how much may we would like them to believe that a gift was unnecessary, we are real pleased to get one - right? TheHolidaySpot provides you with a range of fabulous gift ideas for Lohri. Check out these Lohri Gift Ideas to choose the most appropriate gift items for your dear ones this festive season. If these Lohri Gift Ideas are useful to you, click here to share them with your buddies and dear ones. Wish you a happy Lohri!

Sweets / Mithais

Any Indian festival is incomplete without a generous dose of sugary delights. Keeping your recipients' choice in mind, grab a pack containing single type of sweets or get hold of a mixed pack of different types of sweets. You may also buy special Lohri packs of 'rewries' and 'gajjaks' for your dear one. Even gifting a big festive sweet pack as the only Lohri present is not a bad idea. However, it is better to send along a gift to make a wholesome Lohri present.


New clothes are a must for any festive occassion and like any other festival, Lohri is also observed with people wearing colourful new dresses on the festive night. If you are unsure about the tastes of your recipients', it is safe to purchase traditional apparels for them. If they are more into western attires, buy shirts, trousers and jeans for men and tops and skirts for women. Designer labels are a great hit, provided you have the budget to splurge on gifts.

Puja Thali

A trendy gift item these days. You can impress your people with artistic puja thalis. Look for brass or silver thalis, popular gift items that are very useful during worship services involving the use of food offerings.

North Indian woman with Lohri Gifts

Dry-Fruit Hampers

Much like sweets, dry fruits also make for popular gift items. Mix and match different dry fruits like nuts, cashews, chestnuts and almonds or buy readymade Lohri special dry-fruit hampers easily found in gift stores during the occassion. The dry-fruit hamper is useful for the Lohri offerings and can also be preserved for several months without special care.

Other gifts

Fresh flower bouquets, greeting cards (as an accompaniment to other presents), jewelleries, electronic appliances etc.

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