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Lohri Quiz

Lohri is the joyful Punjabi festival celebrated at the end of the winter season. An occassion filled with merry festivities, it would not be an exaggeration to say that Lohri is looked forward to by every Punjabi on the planet. If you are a Punjabi, you must be knowing much about the festival. Ready to test your knowledge on the occassion? Attempt this marvellous Lohri Quiz from TheHolidaySpot and see how much you really know the occassion. If you want to share this interesting Lohri Quiz with your friends, click here and pass them on this page. Celebrate a joyous Lohri with one and all!

Quiz for Lohri

Try out this fascinating Lohri Quiz and check your knowledge on the festival. You gain one point for each correct entry. That is ten points for ten correct answers. Get going!

correct on first try

1. Lohri is celebrated during this month.

2. Songs of praise are sung to this character during Lohri.

3. The term "Lohri" refers to...

4. The Lohri festival celebrates

5. The Lohri festival is dedicated to this god.

6. The Lohri prasad does not include this item.

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