Present and Upcoming Dates of Mawlid

Date of Mawlid

The timing of the festival will vary for the Shia faith and the Sunni faith, within the broad muslim faith. Here we are giving the dates of Milad Un Nabi from year 2022 to the year 2040. Please note that these are not confirmed dates, but only an approximation. Confirmation can happen only after sighting of the moon from the first of the month.

Mawlid falls in the month of Rabi' al-awwal in the Islamic calendar. Shias observe the event on the 17th of the month, coinciding with the birth date of their sixth Imam, Ja'far al-Sadiq, while Sunnis observe it on the 12th of the month.

Gregorian Year12th of Rabi'-ul-Awwal17th of Rabi'-ul-Awwal
2022 (1444 Hijri)October 7thOctober 12th
2022 (1444 Hijri) October 7th October 12th
2023 (1445 Hijri) September 27th October 2nd
2024 (1446 Hijri) September 15th September 20th
2025 (1447 Hijri) September 4th September 9th
2026 (1448 Hijri) August 25th August 30th
2027 (1449 Hijri) August 15th August 20th
2028 (1450 Hijri) August 3rd August 8th
2029 (1451 Hijri) July 24th July 29th
2030 (1452 Hijri) July 13th July 18th
2031 (1453 Hijri)July 2ndJuly 7th
2032 (1454 Hijri)June 20thJune 25th
2033 (1455 Hijri)June 10thJune 15th
2034 (1456 Hijri)May 30thJune 4th
2035 (1457 Hijri)May 20thMay 25th
2036 (1458 Hijri)May 9thMay 14th
2037 (1459 Hijri)April 28thMay 3rd
2038 (1460 Hijri)April 17thApril 22nd
2039 (1461 Hijri)April 6thApril 11th
2040 (1462 Hijri)March 25thMarch 30th
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