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Onam Gift Ideas

The biggest festival of the Malayalee people, Onam is an occassion of abundance, joyous get-togethers, feasts and merry festivities. Gift-giving is an important tradition of Onam. It is often a problem to choose the right festive gifts for your dear ones and hence, TheHolidaySpot presents you with some great Onam gift ideas. Go through these assistive Onam gift ideas and pick the right gifts for your close ones. If you find this article useful, click here and pass it on to your friends and loved ones. Onasamsakal!.

Go through these Onam gift tips and choose the most appropriate Onam presents for your dear ones.



The famous Onam tradition of Onakkodi requires the elders of every household to buy new clothes for their close ones. If you happen to be a senior member of the family, buy some traditional clothes that your dear ones can wear during Onam. Traditional apparels are the best choice, but if those to get the gifts prefer western attires over Indian dresses you are adviced to go for western ones. Remember, the comfort and choice of your recipients' should always get preference over your liking.


Onam Jewellery

Gifting jewelry items on Onam is quite a popular custom nowadays. Women usually love jewelry and Onam being a festival of prosperity and abundance, ornaments can be a great festive present for them. If your budget permits, you can purchase traditional gold jewelries for your mother, sister, wife, sweetheart or daughter on Onam. Many jewelry houses bring out special jewlleries made from gold, silver or precious stones and offer special discounts on them during Onam. You can either go in for them or order a special one of your own design days before Onam.

Silver Coin

Silver Coin as onam gift

Silver items form great festive gifts. Puja thalis (worship trays) and deepdans (worship lamps) of silver are popular Onam gifts, the best and most approved presents are silver coins, preferably with the images of Lakshmi and Ganesh inscribed on them. These are held to be auspicious gift items and make for cherished presents.


Onam Sweets

Sweets are integrally related to all traditional Hindu festivals. No Hindu festival is infact, truly complete without a generous helping of these sugary delights. Go for single type of sweets or a mixed pack containing varieties of sweets. These days, many shops offer readymade sweets in beautiful packs enveloped with gift wrappers. In case you can't decide on any other present, a big sweet pack will be just a nice gift for your friends, relatives and acquaintances. For little children, assorted chocolates can be the most perfect presents.


Basket of fresh rose flowers

Nothing is safer and better than flowers. If you are not sure about the tastes of your recipient, you can safely buy a good bouqet of flowers. A basket of fresh rose flowers can be a nice as well as useful present considering the fact that the reciever of the gift can use the lovely things to make a colorful Pookalam (a special flower carpet created during Onam).

Other gifts for onam

Perfumes and fragrance, decorative items (such as wall-hanging), electronic home appliances, CDs and audio cassettes, dolls and toys (for kids) etc.

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