Craft Ideas for Purim

Purim celebrates the deliverance of the Jews from massacre by Haman, the evil advisor to Ahasuerus, King of Persia. Celebrate this happy occasion by making at home some cool crafts related to the mood of the festival. Be it Graggers or Tambourine or Queen Esther's crown, you'll get the instructions for making these all right here. So check out our wonderful Purim crafts and start making them yourself. To share these with your friends, just share. Wish you a very happy Purim and a Shabbat Shalom!

Purim Crafts

Go through our step-by-step directions and make fabulous crafts this Purim!


Graggers are noise-makers used during the Megillah reading to drown out the sound of Haman's name, symbolically expressing the desire to rid the world of his evil influence. Make a gragger craft by yourself.

Materials needed:
1) Juice can - 1.
2) Adhesive backed paper
3) Stickers or colored tape
4) Pipecleaners
5) Jingle bells - 2.
6) Scissors
7) Glitter
8) White glue

1) Take a juice can. Wash it properly and keep aside to dry.
2) Rest the circular end of the can on the adhesive paper and trace its shape. Draw another circle 1" bigger than this circle. Cut out both circles.
3) Using scissors, make cuts spaced 1" apart around the circle, from the outer to the inner edge. Make two cuts, one for each end of the can.
4) Remove the adhesive paper backing and use it to cover one end of the can.
5) Place the jingle bells inside.
6) Make a hole in the center of the metal or plastic end of the can.
7) Bend a pipe cleaner from the middle and insert the two ends into the hole. Twist the ends inside the can to prevent them from coming out. The wire loop on the outside of the can will be your handle.
8) Stick the other paper circle over the open end of the can to seal the jingle bells inside.
9) Cut a strip of adhesive paper about as wide as the can and long enough to wrap it around with 1" of overlap.
10) Peel off the backing of the adhesive paper. Wrap it around the can, covering its entire outer surface.
11) Decorate your handmade gragger with colored tape, making stripes or decorative shapes over its surface. Draw decorative lines with white glue and sprinkle them with some glitter. If you like, you may personalize your craft with some of your favorite stickers.

Tzedaka Box

Tzedakas are charity boxes used to collect money for those who are less fortunate. Make a colorful Tzedaka box at home this Purim.

Materials needed:
1) Measuring tape
2) Felt (of your desired color)
3) Baking powder tin
4) White glue
5) Scissors
6) Decorations (glitters, flat beads, small bells, miniature silk flowers etc.)

1) Get a clean, dry baking powder tin (or any other similar container). Measure its height and circumference using the measuring tape you have.
2) Measure and cut a rectangular piece out of the felt to match the measurements of the tin.
3) Spread glue over the surface of the tin. Wrap the rectangular felt strip around it. Keep aside to dry for 1-2 hours. 4) Decorate your Tzedaka box with flat beads and glitter.
Make tiny bouquets of silk flowers and glue them onto the box. Also glue on a line of bells. Make it look as best as possible.

Queen Esther Crown

According to the Old Testament, Esther was a beautiful Jewess who became queen of Persia and saved all the Jews from massacre. The feast of Purim celebrates this event. Make a crown similar to Queen Esther's and dress up like her for this year's Purim costume parties.

Materials needed:
1) Construction paper (yellow or golden colored) - 1 sheet.
2) Paper punch
3) Gold yarn - 1 yard
4) Scissors
5) White glue
6) Silver or gold glitter

1) Cut a zigzag across the paper to make two saw-toothed strips.
2) Wrap one of the strips around your (or the wearer’s) head and see if it fits. It it does not, trim to fit.
3) Punch a hole at either end. Tie a long piece of yarn (about 18" long) in each hold.
4) Lay the crown flat; spread some glue on it and spread all over. Sprinkle glitter on the wet glue. Keep away to dry completely.
5) To wear, tie the crown around your head. Tie the yarn in a bow to let the crown fit snugly.

Paper Plate Tambourine

Tambourines are essential for some happy noisemaking during Purim. So make one at home and play on!

Materials Needed:
1) Paper Plates - 2
2) Crayons
3) Dried Beans
4) Stapler
5) Craft Stick
6) Tape
7) Colored paper
8) Scissors

1) Put one of the papers plate on a flat surface and fold up its right side. Use the tape to fasten a craft stick to the rim of the plate. See that a part of the stick sticks out as a handle.
2) Place the other paper plate on top of the first one, with its right side down. This will make a gap in the middle.
3) Start stapling the edges together leaving an aperture at the top to slide in a handful of the dried beans.
4) Staple shut the opening. 5) Decorate the tambourine with crayons (or as you like).

Now hold the noisemaker by the rim, and shake it! Play some decent Purim music with your Tambourine.
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