Quiz on Lord and Ram Navami

It's time to check out yourself how much you know about this festivals. If you are correct on the first try, you will be credited with a point. If you are not, try out the other options to learn it right. Best of Luck!

Ram Navam Quiz

correct on first try

Answer the questions on Ram Navami:

  1. She, Ravana s sister lived in the forests of panchavati, wanted to marry Sri Ram

  2. Sita's father lived here, his capital city

  3. This sage was the chief sage (advisor) to king Dasharatha -- Choose an answer --VishwamitraAgasthyaVashishtaRavana

  4. This rakshasa lures Rama away from the ashrama by becoming the magical golden deer

  5. This bird fights with Ravana and gets killed by him when ravana was taking Sita to Lanka

  6. This rakshasa (he has no head or legs but only two arms) gets released by the curse when Ram kills him in the forests

  7. Rama belongs to this race or dynasty

  8. Dasharatha does this yagna to pray to the gods and gets four sons

  9. Dasharatha was the king of this kingdom

  10. Ayodhya is on the banks of this river

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