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Ash Wednesday is the first day of Lent. In the Christian calendar, it finds place as a holy occassion on which priests make ash marks on the foreheads of devout Christians to symbolize their repentance for wrongdoings, their mortality and their commitment to Jesus and the Almighty. TheHolidaySpot presents you with a marvellous section on Ash Wednesday that contains everything from befitting e-cards, wallpapers, poems, quiz and a range of informative articles on the origin, traditions and much more on Ash Wednesday. If you like our Ash Wednesday section, click here to refer it to your friends and dear ones. Observe Ash Wednesday with TheHolidaySpot!
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Ash Wednesday is on
17th February , 2021.

Know how Ash Wednesday came into existence and became an important Christian occassion.
Tradition & Customs
tradition and customs
Enlighten yourself with the summarized knowledge about some interesting traditions related to Ash Wednesday.
Behind The Ash
behind the ash
Know why and how the ash has become the prominent ingredient of Ash Wednesday observances.
Greeting Cards
ash wednesday greetings cards
Share the true Christian spirit with your loved ones with these aesthetic e-greeting cards based on Ash Wednesday.
 ash wednesday wallpapers
Involve your desktop into your Ash Wednesday observances with these graceful wallpapers themed to the occassion.
Why Fasting
why fasting
Know the importance of the fasting tradition in Christianity and its relation with Ash Wednesday.
Words of Wisdom
words of wisdoms
Go through some beautiful quotations from the Holy Bible that encapsulate the spirit of Ash Wednesday.
Lent Note
lent note
Get familiar with Lent, the holy Christian period that commences on Ash Wednesday.
Ash Wednesday Quiz
Attempt this simple quiz on Ash Wednesday and test how familiar you are with this sacred occassion. Click Here
Read these beautiful poems that focus on the core of the Ash Wednesday observances.
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Pictures to Color
Print out these elegant images related to Ash Wednesday and paint them just as you like.
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Ash Wednesday Day Dates new
Know about the Ash Wednesday day dates of upcoming years, till 2030.
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