Ash Wednesday Day Dates From 2016-2040

Ash Wednesday Day Dates

Need to know the dates of Ash Wednesday in the upcoming years? The following table his table shows you the dates from 2016 to 2040.

The date for Ash Wednesday in 2022 is Wednesday, March 2nd.

Year Day of the Week Date
2016 Wednesday 10th February
2017 Wednesday 1st March
2018 Wednesday 14th February
2019 Wednesday 6th March
2020 Wednesday 26th February
2021 Wednesday 17th February
2022 Wednesday 2nd March
2023 Wednesday 22nd February
2024 Wednesday 14th February
2025 Wednesday 5th March
2026 Wednesday 18th February
2027 Wednesday 10th February
2028 Wednesday 1st March
2029 Wednesday 14th February
2030 Wednesday 6th March
2031 Wednesday 26th February
2032 Wednesday 11th February
2033 Wednesday 2nd March
2034 Wednesday 22nd February
2035 Wednesday 7th February
2036 Wednesday 27th February
2037 Wednesday 18th February
2038 Wednesday 10th March
2039 Wednesday 23rd February
2040 Wednesday 15th February
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