Quiz on Ash Wednesday

It's fascinating to see people walking through the streets with black smudges on their foreheads. Once which was a custom to the Roman Catholics has turned out to be a popular culture now. While this ritual wins away the heart of millions, many of us just don't happen to know the implications behind this strange rite.
So it's time to know about them and unveil to your friends the mystery behind the Ash mark.
Well, just check out if you know them already.

Ash Wednesday Quiz

Score anything above 7 and you deserve a couple of crosses! Best of Luck !

correct on first try

Answer the questions below:

1. Name the event observed by the Christians 42 days after Ash Wednesday.

2. The ash mark is put on the forehead because it symbolizes

3. The ash on the Ash Wednesday are a biblical symbol of...
Find the one that doesn't agree with the Bible.

4. How are the ashes made of?

5. Which of the following is not a ritual of the Ash Wednesday? "?

6. Ash Wednesday is not observed by which of the following Churches?

7. What else than the Ash Wednesday has the ritual of putting a Cross on the forehead?

8. Which of the following is very important to the acitvities of Ash Wednesday?

9. Do you think Christ got ashed on the Ash Wednesday? Why?

10. Receiving ashes on the head was made popular in 1091 at...
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