Poems for the Ash wednesday

Poems on Ash wednesday

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The prayer

As the cold gives way
to the warmer days
Warming up in the morning sunrays
I keep waiting with others
For the church door to open there
with spring breeze brushing the hair
Teasing my face with its refreshing fingers
The merry season passes over
paving way for the penance 'n prayer
Comes Lent thru the Ash
ending the days of happy bash
"Dust to Dust" he would mutter
'Wash me through...O Lord', I utter.

The penitence

A whole day's feast
that I had
with the musical treats,
Out I drag myself up
weary of revels,
And the night long drumbeats
to rev up and rap.
As the sun slowly removes its hood
wiping up the nightly mood,
The Men at church dongs the bell,
The big door beneath the spires
floats open to unveil.
The odor so divine,
The smoke so purifying,
Hovering over the hallway tires
Hallowed with the candles so enlightening.
As I bend on my knees
to atone for my erring glees,
A gentle touch on my forehead
lets me know of the ash cross,
And the day for which it's made.

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