Bihu Festival
You all are welcome to the fascinating and joyful world of the absorbing East Indian festival, Bihu. The harvest festival is celebrated thrice a year. Impressive and very own dance forms and magical tunes of folk music create a soothing and charming environment for the natives and tourists. It’s an occasion when everyone congregates and dances with the tunes of Bihugeet. There are no religion barriers. TheHolidaySpot takes the opportunity to celebrate the juvenile carnival with you all. Visit the site and get to know the history, significance of Bihu, types of Bihu, essence of Bihu performance, craft ideas and recipes. Try to answer quiz questions and know how much you are aware of the interesting festival. Watch and click to download colorful wallpapers.

Magh Bihu is on 16th January at 2024
Rongali or Bohag Bihu is on 13th-15th April at 2024

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