Significance of Bihu:

The prominence and recognition of Bohaag Bihu among the believers of Assamese cultures and ethnicity, spreading across the boundaries, are immense. It has the uncanny power to break the shackle and bring all the cultural people together on the propitious fiesta. The premise is open for all. Bihus are attached with the souls of the greeneries and soaring hills of Assam. Three Bihus attract innumerable people throughout the year and unite them.

The tribal community, Dimasa Kachari, used to live their life in the awe inspiring valleys of Assam previously. The word Bihu, was derived from the mother tongue of the tribes, Dimasa Kachari.

Assam, the land has to offer an impressive blend of cultures and mores, especially the ethnic traditions of various tribes have a definite impact on the chain of carnivals of Assam. Cast, religion, creed or belief, nothing is more important than the fun and frolic of Bihu. The promising and inspiring occasion is celebrated by all the residents of Assam. Assam is endowed with greeneries and welcomes the visitors with the tunes of Bihu amidst the fascinating prolonged valleys. People around the breathtaking landscapes and compelling gorges come alive with the musical tunes of Bihu songs thrice every year.

It's a grand celebration of farming and paddies. Each and every Bihu signifies a special and singular meaning. Rangoli Bihu marks the inauguration of sowing of seeds where as the Kati Bihu marks the conclusion of sowing and transplantation. The arrival of the harvest period is observed when the inhabitants of Assam celebrate it with Maagh Bihu.

Three festivals are linked with three different seasons, spring (Bohaag), winter (Maagh Bihu) and autumn (Kati).

Even though Bihu is solely and exclusively a regional (Assam, India) festival but many people who live in other countries also celebrate it with lot of zeal and pleasure. As the festival is not anyway attached with the spirituality or religion, everyone of every religion and field come out of their homes to celebrate the carnival. This is the essence of Bihu. The seasonal changes are marked perfectly by three Bihus in a year. It is quite obvious that the festival symbolizes the solidarity and togetherness.

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