Bihu Quiz
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Answer the questions below:

1. Apart from the sports like Buffalo-fight, Egg-fight, Nightingale-fight, what other sport is popular in Assam during Bihu?

2. What is washed and worshipped during Goru Bihu or Cow Bihu?

3. Bihu is derived from visuvan that illustrates a lot of carnivals in India that are coupled with the March

4. Bihu is the foremost festival of which state of India?

5. The real essence of the festival is its foods. Larus are made with Rice and

6. Which one of the following in not the name of Bihu?

7. The song of Bihu is known as

8. Kati Bihu is celebrated in

9. Magh Bihu marks

10. Bohaag Bihu is celebrated in

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