The state of Assam celebrates the most important festival, Bihu, with a lot of delight and joviality. The carnival which is celebrated with passion and vehemence marks the change of season. The history of the significant and noteworthy celebration dates back to 3500 B.C. At that point, it was one month long celebration. However, today it is celebrated thrice a year and each time for a week. The first Bihu is celebrated in April. It overlaps with the festivals like Chait, Baisakhi and Sankranti.

People of Assam propitiate and thanks the Almighty for bountiful harvest. Astounding Assamese dance forms accompanied with Bihugeet (folk songs) mark the essence of the pleasurable and congenial occasion.

The dance forms which are the souls of the traditional festival were only restricted and constrained to the men previously but now lots of women come out of their homes to dance and celebrate the festival with their male companions. The idea and patterns of celebration differ at various places.

To increase the effectiveness and enjoyment, dance competitions and beauty contests are organized during the Bihu week. Bull fights and Bird fights are part of the traditions of Bihu from many years.