Celebration Ideas for Earth Day

Earth Day Celebration Ideas

Since time immemorial, nature has always been our greatest friend. It’s our responsibility to protect environment and nature. Living in tune with nature is important. But, these days we are not very concerned about protecting one of our greatest friends. It’s due to nature, we are still alive. As responsible inhabitants, we have to show enough respect to nature and protect it. It’s not an easy or an overnight job. A continuous effort of various countries has to be put in to protect our environment. Otherwise, we all have to suffer in long run. The purpose of observing the Earth day is to search effective ways to keep our planet clean. Following points would give you an insight into the ideas of Earth Day. Celebrate the occasion with everyone around for a good cause.

  • Plant Trees: All the countries of the world are growing with a rate of knots. Hence, it’s mandatory to cut down a number of trees to continue the growth. But, more important thing is to keep ourselves safe and fine. One way we can do it by planting innumerable trees. We all can fight against the greenhouse gas emissions by planting trees. Trees actually become our real friends and secure soil. Trees protect us from pollution which is huge these days with increasing number of cars and industries around.
  • Nature crafts: Make nature crafts at your school or at your home. Make a craft that serves the purpose of the nest of local birds. Encourage local birds’ populations. Make sure that you make this craft beautifully with the items which have otherwise been thrown away. Use recyclable substances to give an admirable shape to your art work. You can make a centerpiece using strings of a used guitar. An old juice carton can be used as a basket to store various household items.
  • Gain knowledge about environment: We all must know about environment. It’s our social duty to protect the environment. Borrow some good books from your local library on some topics which you don’t know about. Topics can range from, the pollution to climate change. Think about something which is most painful to you. Join or form a local group that can help protect the environment. Take a step ahead to teach people who are not aware about various issues, such as, environmental change. Ask others and work together to make this world a better place for everyone.
  • Concentrate on three “R”s: Considering the environmental state we are going through, we should concentrate on three “R”s- Reuse, Reduce and Recycle. Reuse items which you can. Reduce usage of water. Make sure you often buy substances from local vendors; it makes sure that those substances are not coming from faraway places. It reduces the chances of greenhouse gas emissions. Recycle plastic bags and other things which you can. Avoid using disposable plates and cutlery.
  • Reuse and sell: Make a list of those items which you don’t use. Sell some of these items. Donate and give some unusable items to the poor people who are unable to even satisfy their basic necessities and needs. Give old clothes to the poor people who have nothing to wear in winters. Distribute old toys of your children to the children of poor families.
  • Launch an awareness program: Download some Earth day tunes and play them in a local fair. Let people know about the problem by distributing leaflets and brochures. If possible, then go to the remote places and organize awareness campaigns for the poor people of various villages.
  • Wear green clothes: To promote Earth day, wear green clothes with informative quotes, written on the t-shirts and clothes.
  • Cook a special Earth day meal: Try organic food on Earth day. Fresh vegetables and local foods should be bought. These items use fewer resources to grow than mass-farmed meat. If you can’t take your meal without meat, then only buy organic meat. Bejewel your dining table with recycled decorations. Ask your friends to lend a helping hand and participate in decorations as well.
  • Ride your bicycle: Ride on your bicycle to reach your working place instead of using petrol or diesel cars. It would help to save energy and petrol.

Make everyday an Earth Day. Try to protect our environment and the world in every possible way.