Earth Day Craft Ideas

It has been 38 years since Earth Day was observed for the first time. An occassion to develop strategies to combat the pollution of the Earth's environment, Earth Day is celebrated twice every year. While some people celebrate Earth Day on April 22; some celebrate Earth Day on the Vernal Equinox (the day Spring starts in the Northern Hemisphere). For all artistically inclined people, TheHolidaySpot brings some awesome craft ideas to add to your Earth Day celebrations. Check these out and make cool handicrafts on Earth Day with simple materials found around the house, like newspaper, wax paper, food colouring, paint, glue, etc.. If you like our Earth Day Craft Ideas and want to refer them to your loved ones, just click here and pass on this page to them. Wish you a happy Earth Day!

Earth Day Crafts

Go through these wonderful Earth Day Craft Ideas and make cool crafts themed to the occassion.

Paper Earth

Items required:
1) Round Balloon - 1.
2) Newspaper - 10.
3) Paper Mache Paste
4) Acrylic Paint - 1 small can.
5) Paintbrush - 1.
6) White computer paper - 2.

1) Tear the newspapers into small rectangular strips (about 2" wide and 4" long). Immerse these completely in a large bowl container with 3/4 parts glue & 1/4 parts water. Leave the solution for about six hours, stirring occassionally.

2) Rub the paper strips together to prepare a paper mache paste.

3) Blow up the balloon until it is about 4-5 inch in diameter. Tie its end with a rubber string to prevent the escape of air from its inside.

4) Cover the balloon surface with 2 to 4 layers of newspaper paper mache and loosely cover the area with 2 to 4 layers of white computer paper. Don’t cover the tied part (this will make a hole that you can fill up later with paper mache). Let the paper mache dry for about a day.

5) Once the paper mache dries, paint your balloon to look like a real globe using blue, green, and even white paint. Paint one side and let dry before painting the other side. You have to rest your globe on one of its sides, remember?

6) Pop the balloon with a sharp pin. Pull out the balloon bits if you can. Fill the sole gap in the globe with paper mache and paint it when it dries.

Earth Suncatcher

Items required:
1) Glue - 2 Bottles.
2) A clean margarine bowl lid.
3) Wax Paper - 1 roll.
4) Yarn - One long piece.

1) Get hold of a picture of earth. Cut out its circular shape to use as a template.

2) Open the lid of both your glue bottles. Pour in a few drops of blue paint in one and a few drops of green paint in the other. Put the lids back and shake up and down to mix the glue and paint. This would provide you with blue glue and green glue.

3) Pour the glue into the surface of the lid very carefully to create a picture of the earth. Look at the picture of the earth you have to know how much blue and green glue you should use. No problem if you can not make it exact. Just see that you fill the lid with glue completely, leaving no gaps.

4) Set the lid aside to dry. After 3-4 hours, poke a nail in the top of your glue earth. Leave the nail standing. Keep the glue earth undisturbed for one whole day, or until the glue turns firm.

5) Once the glue dries, you will find the structure easily popping out of the lid. If it doesn't, use a knife(with narrow blade) to lift it from the lid. Get the nail out and you will find a hole in the top of the earth. This will make an opening for hanging the structure.

6) Apply as little glue beneath the glue earth and set it on a piece of wax paper. Let it stick. Then pass the piece of yarn through the hole and hang your earth suncatcher in a window!

Coffee Filter Earth Craft

Items required:
1) Coffee Filter.
2) Food Coloring, Blue and Green.
3) Wax Paper - 1 roll.

1) Spread the wax paper on a flat surface, preferably a table.

2) Lay the coffee filter onto the wax paper.

3) Next, create an image of the earth on the filter by using drops of blue and green food coloring. It is better if you have a picture of the earth for reference. Add one drop at a time and let the colors spread.

4) Once the entire coffee filter is colored, keep it to a side and let dry.

5) When the filter has dried, hang it up in a window. You can also use it as a wall hanging.