Symbols of Earth Day

Every occassion has a number of symbols associated with it that give it its own identity. Earth Day is also rendered unique by some of its own symbols. Read on to know more about some of the popular Earth Day symbols that form an important part of the festival. If you like reading about the Earth Day Symbols, please click here to pass on this page to your friends and dear ones. Happy Earth Day!

Earth Day Symbols

Read and know about some of the popular Earth Day symbols:

The Earth Flag

Perhaps the most important things to represent Earth Day, the Earth Day Flag was designed by none other than John McConnell, the activist who first proposed the idea of Earth day observance in 1969. The famous Earth Day flag, that the famous American cultural anthropologist Margaret Mead once described as a “flag for all people”, is made from recyclable, weatherproof polyester and features a two-sided dye printed image of the Earth (as seen from space) on a dark blue field. The striking motif of the flag was reportedly inspired by the captivating first photographs of the whole Earth taken during America's historic Apollo 10 space mission in 1969, which was also the time when Earth Day first came to be proposed. The flag now stands as not only a symbol of Earth Day but also as a motif of universal interest. Earth Day celebrations are incomplete without this wonderful flag majestically flying in hundreds of American cities, as well as numerous countries across the world such as Europe, Africa, Asia and Japan.

The Earth Day Stamp

The Earth Day Stamp is another powerful symbol of Earth Day. A part of the "Celebrate the Century - 1970's" U.S. Stamp Collection, this particular stamp commemorates the first ever Earth Day celebration in 1970. Incidentally, the year 1970 saw not one but two Earth Day celebrations, with a gap of only a month in between.

The Earth Day Network

This nonprofit organization, founded in 1970 by the organizers of the first April 22 Earth Day, promotes environmental awareness around the world and strives to mobilize each and every citizen of the earth to care for the planet and make corrective changes in lifestyle for the betterment of the surroundings. Presently, this organisation engages 5,000 groups and over 25,000 educators to coordinate millions of community development and environmental protection activities throughout the year. Internationally, the Earth Day Network reaches over 17,000 organizations in 174 countries. More than half a billion people participate in Earth Day Network campaigns every year.

Earth Magna Charta

Another significant symbol of the Earth Day, the Earth Magna Charta is a document that includes the ideals behind the campaign for Earth as well as the agenda for the people of Earth to protect their environment. This significant document was carefully constructed by John McConnell, founder of the Equinox Earth Day.


The colours green, brown and blue are also symbols of Earth Day.