Eid ul-Fitr is that special time that brings lots of joy and fun to every Muslim household after the non-indulgence of one whole month. TheHolidaySpot aims to enhance your happiness with an exciting puzzle activity known as the Eid Matching Game Puzzle. Try this interesting matching game puzzle activity and make your Eid festivities more enjoyable. Like this cool Eid Matching Game Puzzle? Click here and refer it to your pals. Eid sa-eid!

• Eid Matching Game Puzzle

Make your Eid celebrations more funfilled with this marvellous matching game activity themed to the occassion. The puzzle consists of two sets of phrases that you have to match correctly. For each correct match, you gain a point. Can you score a perfect ten in this matching game? Try and see!

Instructions: Match the answers on the right to their correct counterparts on the left. Take out a print of the puzzle template to start now.

• Eid Matching Game Puzzle Template :
Cracking the puzzle code involves using the verbal clues to figure out the words that are likely to go into the corresponding boxes of the puzzle.
matching game
matching game

• Printing the Template

Click on the template thumbnail to open the template window. On the top left corner of the menu bar, click File>Page Setup or File>Printer Setup(in most browsers). Set page margins to zero if you have face difficulties in fitting the template on one page. Click on Print Preview to check out what your printout will look like. Next, click on the print button above the crossword on the template window. Alternatively, you can click on File>Print.

Close the template window after printing and return to this screen.

Now that you have the printout of your crossword template, solve the clues to fill in the boxes. Solve the riddles and crack the code! Have fun solving our Father's Day crossword.

Click here for Answers

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