Eid-ul-Fitr Craft Ideas

Eid-ul-Fitr is that fantastic festal time that calls for some joyous gift-giving. While plenty of gifts are readily available in the market, it adds a nice personal touch to your present if it is made by yourself. Make presents for dear ones all by yourself with our stepwise craft ideas themed to the Eid-ul-Fitr celebrations. If you want to share these fabulous Eid-ul-Fitr Craft Ideas with your friends and dear ones, just click here and forward this page. Eid Mubarak!

Check out these step-by-step craft instructions and make marvellous homemade gifts for your dear ones this Eid-ul-fitr.

Praying candle

Materials needed
Double boiler to melt wax
Candle wax
Wax paper
Candle wick
Rolling pin

1. Put down the hand dipped candle on the wax paper with your warm hands (not hot).

2. Put another piece of wax paper on top of the candle.

3. Crush the candle with the rolling pin and make it 1/4" thick.

4. If you have a deep candle container then even out the candle all the way to the bottom. Leave about 1" unrolled at the bottom of the candle if you are using a traditional sized candle holder because an appropriate base is needed. Otherwise it can fall over.

5. Use your right hand to hold the candle base while holding the candle half way down using the other hand. Twist the candle slowly from the bottom with your thumb.

6. Whenever you see a bit of twist on the candle, stop twisting it immediately with your right hand. Now hold the candle with your right hand steadily and start twisting it slowly with the left hand.

7. Engage your right up in sliding it to the upper side of the candle from the base and twist the candle from the top with your left hand. Don’t forget to twist the candle all the way up.

8. Don’t stop when you have completed twisting the whole candle. Continue it for a while to make the twist of the candle a bit tighter.

9. Make sure that you are happy with the number of twists of the candle. Once you are satisfied with the number of twists then place it back on the wax paper. Keep it there for some time until it is hard enough.

10. You are almost done. Just trim and make the wick 1/4" thick.

Leafy door decorator

Materials needed
Large art paper- 1
Colorful acrylic Craft paint- Red, Orange, Brown, yellow, Gold and Green
15" stem
Jewelry cord (4-15" length)
White craft paste
Round shaped cookie cutter

1. Cut out a quarter shaped dollop of each color of paint using a paper plate.

2. Paint the art paper with the proper blending of colors. After that give it enough time to dry completely.

3. After the paper is dried, turn the paper and paint it. Dry the paper.

4. Use the cookie cutter to cut the art paper into various shapes. You can also draw out simple shapes.

5. Keep the scraps aside for another project.

6. Place a bug-free stem on the work surface. Situate three pieces of the jewelry cord, spaced evenly from each other, along the stick.

7. Paste the leaves properly on the cord, place one leaf under the cord and then overlap another leaf over the first leaf and cord. Repeat these steps until all the three cords have leaves.

8. Paste the top most part of the cords onto the stick. Secure it with white paste.

9. Tie the remaining piece of Jewelry cord on the both ends of the stick and create the decorating hanger. Use glue whenever it is needed. Dry it.

10. Trim the excess cord to make it even more beautiful.

Artistic Vase

Glass vase
Picture of your choice to decoupage
Paint- cream color
Paint-Taupe color
Water tray
Paper Towel
Window cleaner
Matt to cut

1. Select the picture of your choice and cut it cleanly with knife

2. Drop the picture into the water of the tray, and then slowly flatten it. Take that picture out from water carefully and dry it using paper towel. Prevent the wrinkling of the paper this way.

3. Apply glue on the front surface of the picture and paste it inside the vase as it can be seen clearly from outside.

4. You can use as many pictures as you want. If you wish you can even overlap pictures. Once you are done then apply glue on the other side of the picture. Dry it completely.

5. Dry the glass vase. Remove the excess glue from the glass vase using window cleaner.

6. Sponge the taupe colored paint on the inner side of the vase. Sea sponge should be used for getting the best result. Dry it.

7. Now paint the entire interior of the vase with the cream colored paint. Keep it aside for 24 hours to dry it.

8. Repeat paintings until you can no longer see through the paint. Even though the number of coatings vary but approximately 3 to 5 coats of paints are required.

9. If you wish then you can place a glass with water inside the vase for a fresh and different flowery arrangement.

Eid Mat

Door Mat
Spray to shine the surface
Brush for painting
Rubber stamp
Painter’s tape or masking

1. Clear the loose grass along with dusts from the mat.

2. Plan beforehand

3. The entire perimeter of the mat should be secured with masking tape. If you wish you can also place another masking tape just inside the first one. Press those tapes properly to secure it.

4. Paint the border (the space between two masking tapes) using paint brush. You need to have a fair amount of paint as the mat will absorb quite a bit. After drying the paint remove the masking tapes.

5. Buy some stamps and paint those stamps before you firmly place those on the mat according to your plans.

6. You can paste as many stamps as you want on the mat but make sure that the colors you are using are perfect.

7. Now if you want to write “welcome" in the middle of the mat, then paste masking straps parallel to each other as to make the text straight. Remember that the choice of color here is very important.

8. Firstly use light colors to write the message. You can even outline the text with chalk before you put paints in the sketch. You have to use multiple coats to have a strong “welcome" message printed.

9. Spray coat of varnish on the whole surface of the mat. It is evident that the colors on the mat will fade eventually. But if you re-spray the coat of varnish, then it will last for quite some time.

Glittering Eid universe

Adhesive paper (Gold or Silver)
Cardboard paper
Different shapes (especially stars and moons)
Tree branch-must be dried
Vase and Vase rocks
Strong needle
Thread (Gold and Silver)

1. Attach the adhesive paper on the cardboard.

2. Cut out the stars and moons of different shapes.

3. Use the needle and thread to make small hooks on the top of the stars and moons to hang these on the tree.

4. The vase rocks should be placed at the bottom of the transparent glass vase.

5. Paste the dried tree branch in the vase.

6. All stars and moons now should be hanged on the tree.

7. Tie some ribbons and decorate the tree branches.

8. Again tie another golden/silver ribbon at the bottom of the vase.

9. You are done. You can now place an adjoining candle to give stars and moons a shiny look.

Paper calendar

White paper bag
Paper punch- Crescent shaped
Tissue paper- Gold
Green Ribbon
Candies-date filled

1. Cut the crescent shape papers out of the paper bag using paper punch.

2. Use the marker to write a message related to Eid-Ul-Fitr.

3. The dates should be properly wrapped with the gold tissue paper.

4. Put the wrapped dates into the bag.

5. Take another sheet of tissue paper, so that it sticks out of the bag.

6. Tie the decked bag with a green ribbon.

7. Give this bag as a gift to your friends.

Quran Box

Materials needed:
1) An empty cardboard box
2) Black velvet paper - 6
3) Yellow velvet paper - 2
4) Crayons
5) A pair of scissors
6) Glue

1) Remove the lid of your cardboard box.

2) Cover the cardboard box from all sides with black velvet paper. Apply enough glue so that the paper sticks well to the surface and does not come out during repeated usage.

3) Using scissors, cut about an inch of cardboard from the top around 3 sides of the box. Bend back the cardboard on the untouched side. This will let the box open and close nicely.

4) Glue the yellow velvet paper to the inner sides of the "lid" and the inside of the box.

5) Cut 1/2 inch strips from the other yellow velvet paper. Glue these to all the edges of the box to give them a nice velvety feel.

6) Your "Quran box" is ready. Now you have a safe and seperate place to keep your holy Quran.

Tissue Paper Flowers

Materials needed(for a single flower):
1) Tissue paper (Red or pink)
2) Straw
3) Cotton ball
4) A pair of scissors
5) Cellotape

1) Using scissors, cut out a square shape (of dimensions 2" by 2") from the tissue paper.

2) Tear a small piece of cotton and put it in the center of the square tissue paper piece.

3) Crease the cotton filled tissue paper piece and wrap it around the end of the straw. Keep it in place with a piece of cellotape around it.

4) Draw a small petal shape on a small piece of tissue paper. Cut it out and making it your template, cut out 20 - 25 similar shapes.

5) Tape these around the cotton filled tissue paper to get a full flower.

6) Ruffle the petals a bit to give a natural form to your flower. You can spray a little rose-scented perfume to add some fragrance to the blossom.

Eid Lantern

Materials needed:
1) A large cardboard piece
2) Construction paper - 1 sheet, of green colour.
3) Wax paper
4) Crayons/markers
5) Glue
6) A pair of scissors

1) Construct the frame of your lantern with the cardboard you have. Using glue, wrap it with the construction paper cutting of the pieces which block the opening of the lamp.

2) Color the wax paper as you wish. Cut it in proper pieces to fit in the openings in your frame.

3) Attach the wax paper into the orifices of your lamp with glue. Make sure that you keep an opening in the lamp to put the light into it.

4) Your Eid lantern is ready. Now hang it from any place you like.

NOTE: Unless you make the lantern quite big in size, it is advisable that you put only small candles in it.

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