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Costume Ideas for Halloween

Halloween's Day is coming again. And if you have any plans of throwing a grand Halloween party, you're also probably looking for some good Halloween costumes ideas to wear at your party and mesmerize your friends? Here we have brought some exciting DIY Halloween costume ideas for all you little ones. Read these and get some nice costumes in advance for yourself and your family members for your Halloween party. To pass on this page to your friends and near ones, just share this page in WhatsApp, Facebook, Twitter etc. Have a grand Halloween celebration!

Complex Face painting & Crafting Costumes

Super Cool DIY Halloween Costumes to look spook-tacular in the Halloween 2022 party!

This year finds the latest costumes for Halloween along with their images which are going to be so hot in part. Here are a few of them for your reference:

Say Boo! With this Snapchat Ghost costume:

what you need:
  • White bed sheet
  • Black mesh fabric
  • Fabric scissor
  • Fabric glue
  • Black and pink fabric paint
  • Black marker
  • Paintbrush

Begin with the bedsheet on and make two guides where your eyes are. Just like the snapchat ghost, draw your eyes in the oval shape. Cut out the eyes. Try the sheet on to to make sure you can see through the holes. You can make the eyeholes bigger if needed. Now put the mesh cloth over the eyes and draw oval shapes one size bigger than the eye holes. Cut out the shapes and paste them on the eye holes using fabric glue. Now turn the bed sheet to the other side. Make a thick border along the eyeholes using black paint. Next paint a smile with black paint and add a tongue sticking out using pink paint. Your snapchat ghost costume is ready to rock the Halloween party!

All Eyes on Me!

Turn an old expression into a fun Halloween costume. A black t-shirt, some Ping Pong balls and a few craft materials are all that you are gonna need!

What you need:
  • black t-shirt
  • green wide-tip marker
  • 40-50 Ping Pong balls
  • black medium-tip marker
  • hot-glue gun and glue sticks

Make a circle on one side of the Ping Pong balls with the green marker, about 3/4" wide, leaving the center unfilled. Fill in the center of the circle with a black marker for the pupil, leaving a small white circle in the center as a highlight. Lay a solid black t-shirt on a flat surface and insert parchment paper between the front and back layers of the t-shirt covering any space where you will be attaching eyeballs. With a hot-glue gun, place a dab of hot glue on a Ping Pong ball and press in place on the t-shirt.

Continue Eyeing the T-Shirt positioning them very close together for stability and effect. Attach a few Ping Pong balls randomly further up the t-shirt, to create a more dramatic look. When the glue has cooled, remove the parchment paper.

Minion Costume

Don't be despicable! Say "bello" — that's "hello" in Minion language — to a perfectly cute costume for Halloween. All you need is blue denim dungarees and a canary yellow, tight fitting, full-sleeve pullover t-shirt. Make a pair of oversized glasses with cardboard, craft papers, paint and glue. Attach the glasses to a black hairband to fit perfectly around your head. You can also paint your face yellow for the added effect!

The Beast

Based off the new hit movie, the Beauty and the Beast, and now you too can be a part of it with the Beast Costume. Hunt your wardrobe and find yourself a padded jacket which you can embellish with gold-colored embroidery. You will also need a vest, cravat and pants, to recreate the costume seen on-film. The lynchpin to all of this is the mask which portrays the Beast's intelligence and thoughtfulness. Use your creative skills to make yourself one using craft items.

Wonder Woman

She officially crushed the summer box office. Look like your favourite badass superhero in the costume fit for a warrior. Use a red t-shirt and an old denim skirt to recreate the look. Make some transformation to match the costume. Use gold paint to paint the ‘W’s and gold papers to make the head band. A pair of red boots and you are ready to save the world!

Game of Thrones Cosumes

Daenerys Targaryen

Dress as Daenerys, Princess of House Targaryen, and you'll be ready to take back the throne. You can DIY it making some transformation to your old top and long skirt lying in the wardrobe. If you are not blonde, invest in a wig and buy or borrow a pair of boots. Make sure you bring your (toy) dragons.

Jon Snow

Winter is here in season 7 and the Jon snow costume is perfect for any Game of Thrones fan. Use black tee or leather wear and black pants to create the look. You will need a big belt to wear it Jon Snow style. Use faux fur and black cloth to make yourself the cape.

Batman Costume

Batman costumes have always been one of the most popular costumes to wear during the Halloween season. Batman rules the roost when it comes to costumes. People of all ages can wear them to get indulge in Halloween which comes once in a ye. Batman costume merchandise will definitely be seen everywhere this coming year with the release of the Dark Knight Rises. For group or couple costumes, you can choose to bring the Batman’s entire gang as there are authentic Batgirl and Robin costumes.

Batman Costume for Halloween Party

You will need:
A complete headpiece that has an attached cape, boot tops, Jumpsuit, trunks and belt. The Muscle chest piece. You can also get the Batman Collector’s Grade Costume with an additional accessories such as cowling, shoulders, leg pieces, crotch piece and boot covers. You can also add some weaponry such as a utility belt, grappling hook and Batarang.

Catwoman Costume

This is another most popular Halloween costume for 2017.Catwoman is a costume that captures the class and style of the character. A wide variety of Catwoman Costumes  are available for you to choose from. They range from being super sexy to fairly conservative.

Catwoman costume for Halloween

You will need:
A Mask, Catwoman Jumpsuit, Belt and Gloves.

Bane Costume

The Release of a Dark Knight Rises increases the popularity of  a Bane Costume. This year Bane was the  most hated villain to hit the screens. The Bane costume for 2017 may be the perfect costume . This Dark Knight Rises Costume is also available in children’s sizes.

Bane costume for Halloween

You will need:
The Jumpsuit belt, Gauntlets and the unforgettable mask. You can also either pair your costume with your own boots or dark sneakers. To complete your Bane costume, you need to have a crazed look on your face and robotic voice. And if you really want to take it to the next level, add on a voice changer to wear underneath your mask.

Tarzan and Jane

You will need:
There are currently a variety of different Tarzan and Jane Halloween Costumes available  to choose from. There are currently 4 different total officially licensed Tarzan and Jane Costumes though.

Tarzan and Jane Costume for Halloween

For Tarzan:

(a) The Deluxe Version comes with a muscle chest to give the 6 pack of abs and biceps.
(b) The standard Version is good for guys that wish to show off their own muscles.

For Jane:

(a) The Sexy version comes with a sexy leopard top and matching mini skirt.
(b) The Jungle Jane version features a mini dress and safari hat.

Evil Fairy

With just a little imagination and a few inexpensive accessories, it is easy to transform an ordinary black dress into a fantastic and fun Halloween costume.

Evil Fairy Costume for Party

You will need:
A Pair of black wings, a pair of fishnet stockings, a layer on thick eyeliner and mascara. A tear holes in the black dress.


If the weather is uncertain or changing, wizard  costume can be the best  costume to wear.

You will need:
A cool black dress with short sleeves, a warm purple cape. You have to put lots of sparkle gel on your face and in hair. A Pointy hat embellished with glitter, sequins and other sparkly objects.


You will need:
A white pajamas  and you need to make a wide horizontal stripes on them with a black marker or tape. You will need to add a wide brimmed hat black in color and a hat-band yellow in color, a black cape, some red sneakers, red gloves, and a red tie with hamburgers on it.  A bandit mask (cut eye holes in a piece of black fabric and tie it around your face).

Kids  Halloween costume Ideas

Baby Halloween and Toddler Halloween Costume Ideas are some of the most creative costume ideas for kids. For Halloween 2017, the baby Super Hero Costumes like Baby Hulk for infant-toddlers and Captain America bunting infant costume will be loved by everyone. On the other hand, the amazing Spider Man muscle chest toddler and Captain America Muscle chest toddler are the two costumes grouped in toddler will also be loved by everyone this year.

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