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Halloween is that time of the year when one must indulge onself into some creepier and spooky activities.It is indeed the time when one makes all the arrangement so as to make the ambience somewhat eerie and scary. But are you really aware of the fact that there exist many houses which are really haunted in its kind and which on visit can surely give a chilling effect to your bones. So go through these list of haunted houses and learn about their locations and importance. See if you can pay a visit to these places and find out their importance all by yourself. And if you feel this article was indeed of great help to you then do not hesitate to refer this page to loved one. Just click here and send it to your near ones on the occasion of Halloween.


Bird Cage Theatre: Strange music, ghostly laughter and yelling are reported repeatedly from this house at Tombstone. The stories of these mysterious activities are known since 1880s. Ghost Adventures, the TV series and TAPS on Ghost hunters had investigated and made a report on this haunted house.

King Opera House: King Opera House, inaugurated in 19th century, was a place where live performances used to take place. It was haunted by a young Victorian man who was thrashed to death by his lover's father when both the lovers attempted to flee together.

Stanley Hotel at ColoradoColorado
Stanley Hotel: Located near to the Tocky Mountain National Park in Estes Park, Stanley Hotel is a place where several spirits stay at. The founder of this Hotel, F.O Stanley, is still moving in and around the hotel after many years of his death.

Dudleytown: It's a vacant and deserted town, located amidst the forest of Cornwall. Visitors can only watch the ruins of the buildings now. Footprints of the spirits have been seen in the vicinity. It is also reported that orbs were seen in the hinterland. The place is surprisingly scary and serene and is free from wildlife. However, the place is a private property; visitors are not allowed to get into the territory.

Haunted Riddle House at FloridaFlorida
Riddle House: The spirit of Joseph, the former employee of the owner Karl Riddle, still ambles in the house. Joseph had hanged himself in the attic after being wrongly accused of crime. After Joseph's death people were facing physical attacks and objects in the house were moving to various places mysteriously.

Civil War Naval Museum at GeorgiaGeorgia
Civil War Naval Museum: Staffs who were working in the museum had seen that books were flying off the shelves in gift shop, mannequins were moved from their original places, voices of phantoms were heard and shadows were seen in the museum. Investigating groups had also reported numerous mystic events.

Idaho Naval Hospital: 9, 567 spirits have documented their deaths including the ghost of Duke Edmund. Deaths of 6, 754 spirits were not documented. 16, 321 deaths, physical attacks by unseen forces, Electronic Voice Phenomenon, partial and full possessions were noticed in the Idaho Naval Hospital.

Manteno State Hospital: It's a deserted mental hospital in Manteno. Visitors have seen phantom nurses and patients in the tunnels under the hospital.

Story Inn at IndianaIndiana
Story Inn: The guest room of the Story Inn reportedly has a spirit of "the Blue Lady". Even though very little about the lady and the reasons why she is there are known but a lot of guests who actually entered into the room had said the existence of spirit. Some of the guests had opined that the spirit appears only if a particular table lamp is switched on.

Brick Building: It housed the middle school until 2002 and after that it is a private residence since 2008. The owner of the house reported that when she stumbled on the stairs, a spirit made her steady. After that, the owner had also seen a spirit of a young boy in the stairwell. A photo had confirmed the fact that a young boy was sitting at the edge of the stage of the former auditorium. Outline of that boy was seen in that snap. EVPs had also revealed that the young boy was conversing and giggling.

Princes Theatre at AustraliaMelbourne

Princess Theatre: A report confirms the presence of a number of spirits in the theatre since its inaugural in 1886. Fredrick Baker, the singer, had died while he was performing Mephistopheles in Faust. For many years a seat is reserved in the dress circle for the singer. His appearance in the dressing room during rehearsal on any new show is considered as a good sign.

Bhangarh at RajasthanBhangarh, Rajasthan: It was a palace where a fight took place between tantric power and the power of a sorcerer. The stunning queen Ratnavali impressed the sorcerer with her mesmerizing beauty. The sorcerer tried to get the queen in all the possible ways but failed to the tantric power of the queen. The sorcerer cursed each and everything of the palace when he was about to die. The archeological Survey of India has put up a signboard at Bhangarh mentioning "Entering the borders of Bhangarh before sunrise and after sunset is strictly prohibited." Holiday makers who visit the place notice a strange atmosphere around. It creates a feeling of unease and impatience.

Manila Film Center in Philippines Manila Film Center: It is a site where a construction accident took place in early 80s. A temporary ceiling was constructed hurriedly for a film but it broke and a number of workmen were killed at the spot. Imelda Marcos, the first lady and financier didn't make any effort to rescue the dead bodies of the work men. Both of them ordered to pour cement into the orchestra. Some of the work men were buried alive in the orchestra. After that, the place witnesses various mysterious sounds and voices. Previously the building was not in use due to its haunted reputation but now again the building is in use.

Old Ford Motor Factory at SingaporeOld Ford Motor Factory: The Old Ford Motor Factory on Upper Bukit Timah road was the first car assembly plant in South East Asia. During Second World War, Lt. General A.E. Percival, the head of the allied forces in Singapore, had surrendered himself to Japanese General Yamashita on 15th February, 1942 at the Ford factory. Many battles were fought on the premise of the factory after that as it was the Japanese headquarter of Singapore. Now days it is reported that the place and the factory witness weird sounds and lights.

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