Halloween Stories


-By Vegeta and Radits, also known as Laura and Ashley

This story takes place in Nova Scotia, Canada.

One day a girl named Amy and the rest of her family were moving to a new house that the other owners were selling for a very cheap price. Amy, of course, didn't want to move but her parents wanted a bigger house. After the moving truck was loaded and their family was in the car they left. In about 5 hours they got there.

It was very late, so they all went to sleep after they got their sleeping bags out. At about 12:00 pm that night Amy woke up to the sound of scrams. "It's coming from the hallway" Amy whispered to herself. As she was walking to the hallway she heard another scream full of pain and agony. She took a step back.

Then started walking to the hallway again. By the time she got there the screams stopped and all that was left was a puddle of blood. The next night it happened again, but still all that remained was a puddle of blood. This happened several times again. Night after night, every time at the same time as before. After this happened for the 19th time, the parents thought that they would look into it. The went to the police and asked if anything had occurred there before they moved in. The police said that their was a family that lived there and that the father and son did not get along. So one night the father killed his son, slowly and painfully. The way he did it was he took different tools and hacked out his sons organs out, one by one.

He managed to keep his son alive for five hours. Then the ghost started to haunt his father. Soon his father died of a heart attack and his son finally got his revenge. "But why is the ghost still there?" Amy asked. "The reason the ghost is there, is to remind people of his death." the police officer said. After what they heard Amy and her family left, but before they did they had a funeral for the ghost. The funeral put the ghost to his eternal sleep and the ghost never haunted again.

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