Tips for a safe Holi Day

Holi is here once more and surely, you are not going to keep yourself away from the colourful celebrations of the festival? But while you celebrate Holi to the hilt and dabble with the myriad colours, remember to take these precautions given below. These safety tips are quick to go through but will go a long way to ensure your well-being during your colourful festivities that can turn harmful for yourself and your dear ones with a little lack of caution. So go through these Holi safety tips and ensure the safety of yourself and your loved ones during Holi. When you have gone through these Holi safety tips, click here and pass on this article to all your friends and near ones so that they too can exercise caution while the festivities are on. Happy Holi!

Tips for the peaceful Holi

While playing, or, even watching the Holi is a great fun, don't let it be marred by certain unwarranted things. Given here are some simple Do's and Don'ts to make the most out of the Holi.

Tips for going out on the Holi Day:

If you like to play it, make sure you take certain precautions for your safety.
  • Use a hat, cap or anything like that to protect your hair from being colored with hard-to-rinse dyes.

  • If you like to play Holi use dental caps to save your teeth from any unwarranted stains.

  • Use a sunglass to protect your eyes from a misfire of color filled darts or water jets.

  • Put on your worst gears so that you won't have to take on the hassles of an immediate washing.

  • Rags like tattered denims, and all bright colored shades like black, blue, green, purple are highly recommended.

  • Try to save yourself off from all possible attacks on the face. In case your such attempts fail, keep your eyes and lips tightly shut if you are attacked on your face.

  • Keep the car windows thoroughly shut, even if you don't have an AC car.

  • Do not bump into the frenzied group of mob if you take to streets. Better you cross the road to the sidewalk across. Or, simply stay at a safe distance.

So, make sure to land in anywhere in north India for a real taste of Holi. Play or, watch it live, ask your tour operators to make an arrangement. Enjoy!
Guidelines to be Safe Holi