Vasant Utsav Craft Ideas

Initiated by the great Nobel winning poet Rabindranath Tagore, Vasant Utsav is a celebration of the joy arising due to the arrival of the beautiful spring season. The biggest celebration of this wonderful occassion can be witnessed in the tranquil town of Shantiniketan in the Birbhum district of West Bengal that boasts of splendid architectures and handicrafts. TheHolidaySpot lets you make some amazing crafts for the festival by providing you some assistive Vasant Utsav Craft Ideas. Apply these to create fabulous Vasant Utsav Crafts at home. If you like these Vasant Utsav Craft Ideas, click here and refer them to your friends. Have a grand spring celebration!
Create cool crafts all by yourself with these highly useful craft ideas based on Vasant Utsav celebrations.

Bamboo Flute

Things needed:
1) A piece of bamboo (12 - 18 inches long).
2) A very sharp knife.
3) Sand paper.

How to make:
1) Make holes at 2 " intervals on the bamboo piece, starting about 3" from the top.
2) Use sand paper to smoothen the bamboo surface, so that your lips are not hurt by the rough edges.
3) Blow into the flute, placing your fingers over holes to get the sound you want.

Bamboo Photo Frame

Things needed:

1) A long bamboo piece.
2) A saw.
3) A hot glue gun.
4) Craft sticks.

How to make:
1) Cut the bamboo piece into 4 smaller pieces, 2 of about 3 inches in length and two of 5" length.
2) Using glue, stick the pieces together in such a way that the 5" strips are on the top and bottom and the 3" strips are on either side.
3) Paste wide craft sticks (cut to size) on the back of the bamboo using glue.
4) When the glue dries, tape a picture to the craft sticks in such a way that it can be seen through the bamboo frame when the frame is flipped.

Jute Letter Holder

Things needed:
1) Old jute shopping bag.
2) Colored jute rope.
3) Glue.
4) A pair of scissors.
5) Buttons, Beads, Seashells etc.

How to make:
1) Cut the two side parts out of the jute bag.
2) Take one of the cut out side portions. Cut it further into two pieces. This makes it shorter than the other piece because the letter has to be put into it.
3) Stick the two pieces one below another into the long piece with some space in between.
4) Paste the coloured jute rope as a border of the bag.
5) Decorate the bag with buttons, beads, seashells or any other item of adornment.
6) Put the colored jute rope on top of the holder.
7) Your Jute Letter Holder is ready.

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