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An annual Bengali event, the "Vasant Utsav" is celebrated with the greatest fervor in Shantiniketan, Birbhum where the common people as also the students of the Bishwabharati University (established by the Nobel Laureate poet Rabindranath Tagore himself) unite to provide a warm welcome to the spring season. Songs and dance are an integral part of the occassion and most of what is sung during the event are part of the poet's own compositions. Go through the Basanta rabindra sangeet lyrics of some of Tagore's most popular songs that are sung during the yearly "Vasant Utsav" celebrations in West Bengal. We have also provided the English translations for the songs for the benefit of those unacquainted with the Bengali language. If you like reading about these Vasant Utsav Songs, click here and refer this page to your friends and dear ones. Let's welcome spring, together!

Songs on Basanta Utsav

Read the lyrics of the traditional Rabindrasangeet (songs composed by Rabindranath Tagore) sung during "Vasant Utsav".

Fagun Legeche Bone Bone
Ore Bhai Phagun Legeche Bone Bone
Ore Bhai Fagun Legeche Bone Bone
Dale dale, phule fole, patay patay re
Arale arale, kone kone
Ore Bhai Phagun Legeche Bone Bone

Ronge ronge rongilo akash..
Gaane gaane nikhil udash..
Jeno cholo chancholo nobo pollob-dol
mor-more mor mone mone
Phagun Legeche Bone Bone..
Ore Bhai Phagun Legeche Bone Bone

Hyro hyro abonir ronggo
Gogonero kore topo-vonggo
Haasir aghate tar mouno rohe na ar
Kepe kepe othey khone khone
Batash chutishe bonomoy re..
Phuler na jane porichoy re..
Tai bujhi bare bare kunjero dware dware
Sudhaye firiche jone jone

Phagun Legeche Bone Bone...
Ore Bhai Phagun Legeche Bone Bone.

Phagun Legeche Bone Bone song with dance performance at Shantiniketan

Aaji Dokhino Duyar Khola
Aaji Dokhino Duyar Khola
Eso hey, eso hey
Eso hey amar basanta eso
Aaji Dokhino Duyaro Khola
Dibo hridoyo-dolay dola
Eso hey, eso hey
Eso hey amar basanta eso

Nobo shyamal shovon rothe
Eso bokul bichano pothe
Eso bajaye bekul benu
Mekhe piyal fuler renu
Eso hey, eso hey
Eso hey amar basanta eso

Eso ghono pallav-punje
Eso hey, eso hey, eso hey
Eso ghono mallika-kunje
Eso hey, eso hey, eso hey

Mridu modhur modir hese
Eso pagol hawar deshe
Tomar uttal uttoriyo
Tumi akashe uraye deyo
Eso hey, eso hey
Eso hey amar basanta eso.

Aaji Dokhino Duyar Khola - Basanta Utsav Song

Ore Grihobashi
Ore Grihobashi, khol dar khol laglo je dol
Sthaule jaule bono taule laglo je dol, dar khol

Ranga hashi rashi rashi ashoke paulashe
Ranga nesha meghe mesha probhaatho akaashe
Nobin pathay lage ranga hillol, dar khol dar khol

Benu bauno maurmore dokhino bataashe
Projapothi dole ghashe ghashe
Moumachi phire jachi phulero dokhina
Pakhay bajay tar bikhariro bina
Madhobi bithane bayu
Gaundhe bibhol, dar khol dar khol

English translation:
Oh people! Break open the doors!
There is a spring stir!
On the soil, in the water, in the forest, there is a mad, spring stir!
A ruddy, wild laughter in abundance everywhere
Amongst the ashok and paulash flowers.
An intoxication amidst the clouds of the morning sky
With new leaves leaving a bright splendor,
Break open the doors, open the doors!

The flute murmurs over the south wind in the forest
The butterflies dance gleefully in the grass
The honeybees return to their flowers
While their wings play a rare tune of the bina
The madhobi flower sings to the melody of the breeze An invigorating aroma envelops all around
Break open the doors, open the doors!

Vasanta Utsav Songs

Amra Nutan Joubaneri Duth
Amra nutan joubaneri duth
Amra chaunchol, amra odbhuth
Amra bara bhangi, amra ashok bone
Ranga neshay rangi

Jhaunjauro baundhono chino kore dee
Amra bidduth, amra chaunchol, amra odbhuth

Amra kori bhul augad jaule
Jhap diye jujiye pay kul
Amra kori bhul

Jekhane daak paure
Jibaun mauron jhaure
Amra prosthut
Amra chaunchol, amra odbhuth..

English translation:
We are heralds of youth,
We are restless, we are unique
We break down barriers and sway to the forest's intoxication

We break down constraints which bind us…
We are like lightning, we are restless, we are unique

We make mistakes in unchartered waters
We dive, we plunge to find the shore
Yes, we make our mistakes…..

Wherever we are called, in the storm of life and death…
We are ready!
We are restless, we are unique.

Dui Haathe Kaaler Mondira Je
Dui haathe kaaler mondira je, shauday baje
Shupthi chuthe, nritho uthe,
Nirtho nuthaun shaunghaathe

Baje phule baje katay
Alo chayar joar bhatay
Praner majhe oi je baje
Dukhe sukhe shaunkathe
Nirtho nuthaun shanghaathe
Taale taale shaad shaukaler
Roop shagorer dheu lage
Shada kalor daunde je oi
Chaunde nanan raung jaage
Roop shagore dheu lage

Ei taale tor gaan bedhe ne
Kanna hashir taan shedhene
Daak dilo shon mauron bacchon
Nacchon shaubhar daunkathe
Nirtho nuthaun shaunghaathe..

English translation:
The timeless sound of cymbals is heard through the clapping of hands
The slumber leaves us and the soul awakens to this dance
With ever renewing shades and contrasts…

It plays amongst the flowers and the thorns
The light and shade of this tide and lull
Within our heart there plays
This anticipation of joy and grief…
With ever renewing shades and contrasts…

To the rhythms of dusk and dawn
The waves of the eternal ocean play…
Its contrasts of white and black…
Bring forth rhythms of myriad hues

Oh, bind your tune to this rhythm!
Practice the verse of tears and joy!
Oh listen to the call of life and death..
the dance of life.. With ever renewing shades and contrasts…

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