Hot Dogs Around the World

Hotdog Day is an important event not only in the United States, but also in a number of nations across the world. That's because hot dogs are not a speciality in the US only; it is now prepared in various countries albeit with a little difference owing to the cultural difference. Scroll down and read how Hot Dogs are prepared around the world. If you like reading this article, just click here and refer it to your friends and loved ones. Happy Hot Dog Day!

Hotdog Around The World

Read on to know how Hot Dogs are prepared around the world:


Venezuelans use an incredibly wide variety of toppings in their hot dogs. Some of the chief ingredients include items like carrot shreds, french fries, corn niblets, garlic sauce, chili sauce, mayo and tartar sauce.


In China, "Rouchang" is highly popular. It is a fully cooked, cold hot dog warmed on a stick with no condiment embellishment. Wrapped in red plastic, it is eaten like a popsicle.


A well-known variety gorged on here is the "shucos", topped with meat, boiled cabbage, mustard and mayo. Another mouthwatering type is the “La Ballena” that consists of such wide assortment of stuffings as chorizo, longaniza, salchicha, ham, bacon, pepperoni, chicken breast, german ham and sausages, beef steak fajitas and polish sausages.

West Virginia

In West Virginia, people like to use chili sauce and sweet cole slaw for the topping of their hot dogs. A notable instance is the Hillbilly hotdog.


The "Sonoran Hot Dog" is a Mexican variation. These are wrapped in bacon, fried, and put in a steamed bun. Mayo, mustard, diced chillis, diced tomatoes, diced onions and often beans make the toppings for this Mexican speciality. It is popular around Arizona, parts of New Mexico, and Sonora, Mexico.


Hot dogs are a rage in Sweden. A popular variety is the “Tunnebrod Rulleor”, wrapped in flatbread and stuffed with a wide range of toppings including items like mashed potato.


In Georgia (especially those in the southern part of the state), you’ll find the delicious "Scrambled Dogs", a type of hot dog stuffed dill pickles, ketchup, mustard, chili, onions and oyster crackers.


Here, hot dogs are a foot long. These are inserted into a hollowed out baguette (narrow French stick loaf) and injected with your choice of condiments.


The “completo” is a well-known hot dog variation in Chile. The word “completo” means “complete,” and the name of the hotdog probably comes from the fact that it offers complete nutrition to the eater. It is mostly served with tomatoes, mayonnaise, and avocado/guacamole. Sometimes however, it is also served with ketchup, mustard, and “aji” - a Chilean hot pepper.


The "Pan Con" Hot Dog is a speciality of Peru and generally comes with tiny shredded potato chips and mustard, ketchup, mayo, ají. Usually served with tartar sauce or salsa golf (a combination of mayo and ketchup). The "Salchipapa" is another delight. These are sliced hot dogs that come with nearly the
same toppings as "Pan Con". Many here prefer to have the "Salchipapa" with a chorizo omelette on top.


One of the most popular variations in Columbia is the "Perro Caliente", a hot dog stuffed with such lip-smacking items such as mashed potato chips, strings of ham or bacon, ketchup, mayo, mustard, onions and pineapple sauce.

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