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Hotdog Day Quiz

It's time you brush up your wiz on this yummy all-American dish. If you are correct in the first try, then you will be credited with a point. If you are not correct in the first try, even then try out the other options to learn the correct answer.
Anything above 10 points is excellent!Between 10 - 8 is fairly good!
So, best of Luck!

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Let's Start

1. What 'little dog' was the 'hot dog' at its birth?

2. The man who imported hot dog in to USA was originally ...

3. What U.S. President served King George VI of England hot dogs and beer during a White House visit?

4. At what ballpark did hot dogs get its name?

5. Name the man to whom hot dog owes its name.

6. Can you guess the number of hot dogs Americans eat in major league baseball parks in a full baseball season?

7. How long was the world's longest hot dog?

8. How many hot dogs are eaten per person in the United States every year?

9. Which of the following is America's favorite hot dog topping?

10. Which celebrity husband reportedly proposed to a celebrity wife in front of a hot dog stand?

11. Between which two of the national events the consumption of hot dog touches maximum?

12. Region wise which part of the US consumes maximum number of hot dogs?