Facts About Hotdog Day and Hotdog Month

Hotdog Day is dedicated in the name of those lip-smacking delicacies called "Hot Dogs". With Hotdog Day coming up once again, we at TheHolidaySpot thought it an opportune moment to bring you a handful of interesting facts related to the occassion. Go through these and know more about this unique festival. If you like reading our wonderful Hotdog Day Facts and want to have your friends have fun trying it, please click here and refer this page to them. Happy Hotdog Day!

Interesting Facts about Hotdog

  • July is officially proclaimed as hotdog month since 1957.
  • 26 million hotdogs are consumed as USA baseball stadiums!
  • World’s biggest hot dog was created by Sara Lee Corp and was 1,996 feet long, in honor of 1996 Olympic games.
  • Mustard is the most popular hotdog topping for adults. For children, it is ketchup.
  • Cooking by forks cause to loose the moisture and flavor of hotdogs, always use spoons or spatula to cook.
  • The biggest hotdog eating season is from Memorial Day to Labor Day, roughly about 7 Billion pieces are consumed, that’s more than 800 pieces per second!
  • In the year 2007, US military consumed about 2.4 million of this popular snack.
  • The idea of celebrating Hot Dog Day is the brainchild of two students, Mark O'Meara and Eric "Rick" Vaughn.
  • Hot Dog Day is an annual event in the village of Alfred, New York. It began in 1972.
  • The Hot Dog Season is considered to be the period from Memorial Day to Labor Day.
  • Sports cartoonist Tad Dorgan is credited with the coinage of the term "hot dog" in 1901 at the New York Polo Grounds.
  • Americans celebrate National Hot Dog Day on July 21 every year.
  • Miller Park in Milwaukee is the only Major League Baseball park that sells more sausages than hot dogs per season.
  • The first words that Walt Disney's immortal creation Mickey Mouse ever uttered in a cartoon were “hot dogs” (in “The Karnival Kid, 1929). The cartoons he was featured in were silent ones up until that point.
  • The Hot Dog and Bob Series, featuring a talking hot dog and an ordinary boy named Bob, is a very popular children's series.
  • New Yorkers consume more hot dogs than any other city, beating out Chicago and Los Angeles.
  • The average American is believed to eat approximately 60 hot dogs every year.

Interesting Facts About Hot Dog

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