Janmashtami Craft Ideas

"Janmashtami", also known as "Gokulashtami", marks the birth anniversary of the supreme Hindu god Lord Krishna. Like many other Hindu religious occassions, Janmashtami is a time marked as much with the observance of religious customs as with joyful festivities. TheHolidaySpot brings you a whole lot of fabulous craft ideas to help you construct splendid Janmashtami gifts for your friends, family members, relatives and close acquaintances. Go through these simple, step-by-step tips and unleash your artistic skills this Janmashtami. If you are pleased with our Janmashtami Craft Ideas and want to share them with your friends, click here and pass this page on to them. Have an artistic Janmashtami celebration.

Craft Ideas for Janmashtami

Check out these stepwise craft making directions, make beautiful crafts all by yourself, hand them over to your loved ones and make them all feel special with your personal touch.

Paper Flower Bouquet

You need:
1) 3 Paper Sheets of three different colours - red, green, brown.
2) A pair of scissors
3) 5 small wooden sticks
4) Pencil
5) Rubber
6) A strip of Satin Ribbon
7) Perfume

How to make:

1) Using the pencil, draw some images of any flower you like on the red paper sheet.

2) Cut the flower images(dimensions 4" by 3") carefully out of the sheet.

3) Now draw images of leaves on the green sheet.

4) Cut the leaf images(dimensions 6" by 3") carefully out of the sheet.

5) Wrap all the sticks nicely with the brown sheet, keeping one end open. Fold the other end with the paper.

6) Then insert an inch of each leaf into the stick.

7) Push the red flowers into the sticks, one by one, on top of the leaves.

8) When you have finished, wrap it all with a transparent sheet and tie a satin ribbon around the sticks to make a beautiful bouquet.

9) Spray a little perfume to impart some fragrance to your bouqet. Add a small card with the name of the recipient of the bouqet addressed on it.

Gift Pouch

You need:
1) Cardboard sheet.
2) A pair of scissors
3) Jute cloth/gunny bag
4) Super glue
5) Pieces of broken glass
6) Small artificial flowers, beads
7) Jute strings

How to make:
1) Cut a rectangular piece (size must be bigger than your gift) out of the cardboard sheet.

2) Fold it to form a cylinder. Cut out a cylindrical piece from an inch below the larger cylinder. This will be required to fix at the bottom of the pouch.

3) Cut out of the jute cloth a piece of appropriate length to be wrapped around the cardboard cylinder 2-3 times. Allow some cloth to be left both at the top and at the bottom to cover the cardboard piece entirely.

4) Stitch (or stick with super glue) the lose edge of the cloth over the cardboard cylinder. Next, attach an appropriate length of jute string on the upper and lower edge of the cardboard cylinder and also on the mouth of the pouch.

5) Using one of the pointed end of the scissors, make holes on both sides the upper portion of the pouch (above the cardboard ). Pass the jute string through the holes on both sides of the mouth of the pouch. Tighten it.

6) Attach the glass bits on the body of the pouch with glue to decorate it.

7) Attach the artificial flowers and beads on the end of the strings.

8) Now drop a gift item into your pouch, tie the strings into a beautiful knot and hand it over to the one you want to present it with.

Deepdan (Prayer Lamp)

You need:
1) Clay
2) Vegetable or corn oil
3) A small wool or cloth piece (to form a wick)
4) Paint (optional)

How to make:
1) Mould a small piece of clay into a small oval bowl.

2) Form a lip on one end of the bowl.

3) When the clay dries, colour the bowl with a paint of any colour you like.

4) Coil the wick and place it into the bowl with about 1/2 " of it sticking out above the lip.

5) Add oil to cover the wick.

6) Light the wick and place it before the image of Lord Krishna.

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