Janmashtami Gift Ideas

A sacred festival observed in honor of Lord Krishna, Janmashtami is celebrated in India as also in many other countries with prayers, chanting of shibboleths, devotional songs, delicious food offerings and many other customs. Like most other Hindu festivals, Janmashtami is also celebrated with get-togethers between extended family members and joyful gift-giving to loved ones. TheHolidaySpot provides you with assistive Janmashtami Gift Ideas to help you choose wonderful presents for your dear ones. Use these wonderful Janmashtami Gift Ideas and make this Janmashtami more special for those you love. If these Janmashtami Gift Ideas are to your liking, you can make just a click here to refer them to anybody you want. Shubh Janmashtami to you all!

Gift Ideas for Janmashtami

Choose from these wonderful gift options and present your dear ones with the appropriate gift item on this Janmashtami:

Lord Krishna Idols

Probably no gift is better and makes as much impact on Janmashtami than a beautiful idol of Lord Krishna. Lord Krishna is considered to be the supreme god of the Hindu pantheon and an image or idol of the lord not only makes for a wonderful decorative item but is also considered beneficial for a household. Lord Krishna is the messenger of peace and harmony and is revered as the "friend god". You can pick a statue of the Lord as a young boy with flute in hand (murlidhar) or go for little idols of the god as a blue-skinned baby (balgopal). Idols are available in bronze, clay, gold plating, silver, brass, wood and crystal. You can purchase one according to your budget and preference.


Putting on new clothes is seen as a universal way of celebrating a joyful occassion. Almost every festive occassion in India witnesses celebrants wearing new clothes after having bath. You can safely gift new apparels to your dear ones on Janmashtami but keep in mind the tastes of your recipient or your gift is likely to suffer disregard and with some reason. It is better to present your dear one with traditional dresses but if you are adventurous or if your recipient is more comfortable wearing western outfits, you can go for the latest designer clothes and even branded apparels (your budget allowing).

Sweets / Mithais

'Mithais' or sweets are integrally related to all traditional Hindu festivals. No Hindu festival is in fact, truly complete without a generous helping of these sugary delights. Go for single type of sweets or a mixed pack containing varieties of sweets. These days, many shops offer readymade sweets in beautiful packs enveloped with gift wrappers. In case you can't decide on any other present, a big sweet pack will be just a nice gift for your friends, relatives and acquaintances.

Silver Coin

Silver coins form traditional and popular gift items for Janmashtami. If you have the bucks, gift silver coins to your loved ones, preferably with the image of Lord Krishna. It would be an appropriate gift item for the occassion.


Wall hangings (toran) and door hangings (bandandwar) with the images of Lord Krishna are also great Janmashtami gifts. The pictures of the flute-playing god add serenity to any household and serves to create the mood for festivals cented around Lord Krishna. If your recipient is a devotee of the lord, the gift will be a cherished item for sure and will be appreciated greatly.

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