Krishna Rasa Leela

Janmashtami serves the occasion of the birth of the famous cowherd god, Lord Krishna. It is on this particular day when the devotees of the Lord make sure that he is being pampered in the best possible ways. Prayers and other offerings are being made in his honour so that the lord remain appeased and contended. Moreover the famous rasalila, which is the divine dance of Lord Krishna along with his gopis are also performed so that the ambience of the festival enhances to a greater extent. Continue reading to know more about the the origin Rasa Leela and what is the significance of this divine dance form. And if you want to send this page to your loved ones, click here and forward this page to your near ones so that they as well get to know the true meaning of Krishna Rasa Leela.

Krishna Rasa Leela

Janmashtami is celebrated as the birthday of Lord Krishna. He is considered to be one of the most adorably favorite deities amongst all other deities of Hindus, for he is worshipped for his immense power, charismatic appearance, unique charm


Raslila is considered to be a significant phase in the life of the Lord. This time is referred to that phase of his life when he grew up from a child to a young teen. Before setting his path towards Mathura, in order to accomplish the task of his life (to kill his uncle, Kansa), he grew up in Vrindavan, playing around with Gopis on the banks of River Yamuna. He was mainly famous amongst the Gopis for the mischievous pranks he played on them.So immense was their love the Gopis forgot about the rest of the world and involved themselves playing and dancing with the Lord. They spent a quality time enhanced further with music, songs and mischievous activities.

Little Krishna with Gopis


The Gopis would dance around with Lord Krishna and often play hide and seek. They would also sing songs in the glory of the deity.They indulged themselves so much with the tantrums of the Lord that they considered themselves fortunate as well superior than other women for they were the privileged ones with the opportunity to dance with Lord Krishna. Thus the whole concept of Raslila was to teach the lesson of humility to the world. Shri Krishna would hide himself during Raslila and would reappear only if Gopis plead to come back. While most of the time Shri Krishna stood at the center of all the Gopis, he would at times join hands with them and perform mesmerizing dance. All these delightful actions were often witnessed by the demigods like that of Gandharva, Yakshas and they would shower flowers from the sky as a gesture of blessings on the Gopis and on the divine Shri Krishna.


Rasa Leela on Janmashtami

On the auspicious occasion of Janmashtami, the devotees of Lord Krishna would enjoy the scenes of Rasa leela performed by professional artists. Generally, Brahmin boys aged between 10 and 13 years are selected to enact as Lord Krishna in Rasleela. The main theme of the dance drama revolves around the formative years of Lord Krishna. Apart from Rasleela, other themes are also chosen for the performance. These may include Janamleela (the birth of Lord Krishna), Shanklarleela, Putanaleela (the assassination of the demon Putana) and Nagleela (the killing of serpent Kaliya). In fact the enactment of Krishna Rasa leela is so famous amongst the group of devotees that celebration of janmashtami without the enactment sounds so incomplete. The troupes that perform the dance drama showcase utmost devotion and sincerity through their enactment.
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