Matching Game Puzzle Answers

Answers of Matching Game Puzzle

Here is the solved puzzle. Hope you have solved it already.

1) Memorial Day was declared a federal holiday in C. 1971.
2) The birthplace of Memorial Day J. Waterloo, N.Y.
3) Memorial Day was originally called D. 1882.
4) Memorial Day was first widely observed in G. 1868.
5) The Memorial Day flower is the A. Red Poppy.
6) Memorial Day is annually observed in the U.S in this month B. Monday.
7) The name "Memorial Day" was first used in H. Decoration Day.
8) The first official recognition of Memorial Day was issued by E. General John A. Logan.
9) The "National Moment of Remembrance" takes place on every Memorial Day at I. 3 p.m.
10) Memorial Day is celebrated on this day of the week F. Monday.
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