Quiz on Memorial Day

One whole year has passed by and it is again time for us to raise a salute to those war heroes who are no more with us bravely as they have laid down their lives for our motherland. Yes, we are talking about Memorial Day. Just how much do you know about this patriotic holiday? Attempt this exciting Memorial Day Quiz and see for yourself if you are well informed about this occassion. If you enjoy this Memorial Day Quiz, click here and share it with your friends. Have a grand Memorial Day celebration.

Memorial Day Quiz

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Answer the questions below:

1) Memorial Day was originally called

2) Memorial Day was officially proclaimed on 5 May 1868 by

3. Memorial Day was first observed in the United States on

4. The U.S. President who declared Memorial Day a national holiday in 1971.

5. The Memorial Day flower is the

6.The first state to officially recognize Memorial Day.

7) Washington D.C. held its first Memorial Day parade in over 60 years in this year

8) Memorial Day is celebrated on the last ______ of May.

9) The Memorial Day honors

10) When is the national moment of remembrance held each Memorial Day?
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