Navratri Craft Ideas

Gear up for nine days of absolute festivities with some brilliant craft making tips from TheHolidaySpot! Check out these wonderful craft ideas and prepare fantastic gifts for your dear ones all by yourself. If these Navratri Craft Ideas are useful for you, please click here and share them with your pals, cousins and other craft making enthusiasts you know closely. Shubh Navaratri!

Craft Ideas for Navratri Celebration

Check out these lovely Navratri Craft Ideas and make your loved ones some nice gifts during the joyful nine-day festivities.

Mitti ka diya (Clay prayer-lamp)

Materials needed:

1) Air-drying clay
2) Vegetable or corn oil
3) A small wool or cloth piece (to form a wick)
4) Paint (optional)
5) Glue (optional)


1) Mould a small piece of clay into a small oval bowl.
2) Form a lip on one end of the bowl. Allow the clay to dry.
3) When the clay dries, colour the bowl with a paint of any colour you like.
4) When the paint dries, rub glue over the whole diya for a glossy finish.
5) Coil the wick and place it into the bowl with about 1/2 " of it sticking out above the lip.
6) Add oil to cover the wick.
7) Light the wick and place it before the image of your god or goddess.

Festive Lantern

Materials needed:

1) Cardboard - 1 large piece.
2) Construction paper - 1 sheet, of green colour.
3) Wax paper - 1 large piece.
4) Glue
5) A pair of scissors
6) Crayons/paint (of the colour you like)


1) Using the cardboard, make a frame for your lantern.
2) Apply glue over every surface of the lantern frame (except the bottom). Wrap it with the construction paper cutting off the pieces that may block the opening of the lamp.
3) Color/paint the wax paper as you wish. Give it some time to dry. Cut it suitably so that it fits into the openings in your frame.
3) Attach the wax paper into the orifices of your lamp with glue. Remember to keep an opening in the lamp to put the light into it.
4) Your festive lantern craft is ready. Hang it from anywhere in your room you want.

NOTE: If your lantern is small in size, you are advised not to put any small candles in it.

Fake firecracker

Materials Needed:

1) One Toilet Paper Roll.
2) 3 or 4 Rubber Bands.
3) Paper.
4) A 6" long piece of yarn.
5) Paint (preferably red).
6) A pair of scissors.


1) Paint the toilet paper in red colour (or any colour you like). Keep aside to dry.

2) Cut 2 circular shapes (about 3 - 4 inches crosswise) out of the paper. Paint these red too to match your toilet paper roll. Keep aside to dry.

3) Poke a little hole in the center of one of the paper circles. Pass a piece of yarn, about 6 inch long, through this hole.

4) Let the long end of the yarn hang on the decorated side of the paper. Leave about 1 inch of yarn on the other (undecorated) side of the circle. Hold the yarn in place with tape.

5) Line up each circle (decorated side up) on each side of the toilet paper roll. Spin the rubber band around the roll a few times to keep the circles in place.

Happy Navratri

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