Navratri Gift Ideas

Navratri is not only about singing and dancing dandiya, but it is also about exchanging gifts and presents amongst everyone. It thus at times become a tough job to decide on what to present and what item will be suitable for a specific aged people. However you need not have to worry much for we have simplified things for you so that you need not have to shed that extra sweat. Just browse through the article below and get idea as what to gift to a person of particular group or age. You can also send this page to your friends by clicking here, so that as well can imbibe ideas as what to gift their loved ones on the occasion of Navratri.

Gift Ideas for Navratri

Shower the blessings of Mata Sherwali or Ma Durga on your near and dear ones and gift them a thoughtful and unique gift they can cherish forever. The following gift ideas are specially brought to by TheHolidaySpot team to make your Navratri celebrations complete. Express how much you care through these special gifts.

Spiritual Gifts

For all age groups.

Mata’s blessings in the form of “Mata ki Chunrees”, (veils or scarves that is offered to the Holy Goddess during the ceremony)

“Mata ka Chattar’ (miniature umbrellas that are decorated with various colors and sequins work on it, also used during the puja)

“Mata ke Coins”. (silver or gold coins with Holy inscriptions or Goddess's figure)

Spiritual Songs personally compiled in a CD.

Holy Books compiled with songs, prayers and mantras that will be highly appreciated by the elders.

Gifts specially for kids on Navratri

Mild crackers. (Should be accompanied by the elders in the family while using them)

Gift wrapped Chocolates that come in various colorful packages.

Garments or apparels with a traditional Indian touch to them.

For the ever so special women in the family


Jewelleries play a very significant role in adorning a woman. Whether its your wonderful Mother, lovely Wife, your sweet Sister, or simply your wonderful cousins or aunts, embellished or stone set jewelleries are the order of the day for all those special women in your life who just loves Jewellery in any form. The best idea on a special occasion like Navratri is to gift out jewellery with inscriptions of Devi Durga on a pendent, bracelet or a ring.


Accessories can range from traditional items to Modern fashion. You can choose from the wide spectrum it covers, from bags, shoes, belts, brooches, to Puja items, Goddess's Shringar ,Jap Mala, utensils.

Traditional saree, the one that can make woman look absolutely stunning. They can be gifted to any one you really care about and make them feel really special. Other traditional garments you can gift out could be Salwar Kamiz, Churidar sets or a beautifully embroidered shawl to the elders in the family.

Other suitable gift items are Flowers, Spiritual Gift packs and Books.

For men

  • Tradtional ethnic wear;
  • Dhoti Kurta or Pyjama kurta with an embroidered Shawl.
  • They look royal and give a very dashing look. Silk kurta gives dazzling effects.
  • For the complete ethnic look, attire it with either churidar or simple loose fit pajama.
  • Idols
  • Gemstones
  • Energised Rudrakshas
  • Meditation Posters
  • stationary

Gifts for your host

Etiquettes demand that you present a gift of appreciation to the individual who has been thoughtful and gracious enough to host a party in your honor. Many would tend to forget about it once the party is over, however you can show your appreciation towards him/her by offering the gifts either during the party or send it afterwards with a thank you note. But make sure that you verbally thank the part host/hostess on the party day itself.

Flowers are a wonderful way of expressing appreciation and gratefulness. You can gift a bouquet of sunflower, rose, tulip etc.

A ipack of men's/women's toiletries depending upon the gender of the host.

Box of cookies/chocolates as a mark of your appreciation.

A glassware set like Juice or wine glasses. Or some crockery like tea set, can also be gifted.

You can gift a decorative Durga Ma showpiece.

Other gift ideas include a memento, photo frame, flower vase.

Happy Navratri

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