Breweries of Beer Supplied On Oktoberfest

Information of the types of beer served at Oktoberfest in Munich, Germany. There are only six breweries that have the honor. Share this fun info in your social site networks and be the first among your friends. Use the 'ADD TO' panel below.

Oktoberfest - Breweries of Beer Supplied

There are six Oktoberfest breweries. Only Six breweries, full stop. And they are all Bavarian. Of these, four have representations elsewhere too. However, all the breweries have some differences in the taste of their beers. It is difficult to explain the taste of a drink, but we have tried to explain the subtle changes in flavor and aroma of the beers produced by the breweries:

Augustiner-Bräu-Oktoberfestbier: 6 percent alcohol. Available in - Augustiner-Festhalle and Fischer-Vroni. The only Oktoberfest beer that still comes from wooden kegs. Most love this, due to the special brew of the wooden kegs.

Oktoberfest beer

Löwenbräu-Oktoberfestbier: 6.1 percent alcohol. Available in - Löwenbräu Festzelt, Schützenfestzelt. This one is bottom-fermented, light, sweet, and with a spicy aroma.

Hofbräu-Oktoberfestbier: 6.3 percent alcohol. Available in – Hofbräuzelt. According to the Hofbräu people, this one has a "slightly bitter taste" best enjoyed in combination with a big pile of grilled meat and dumplings. So it is a nice drink to wash the food down your gullet.

Paulaner-Oktoberfestbier: 6 percent alcohol. Available in - Winzerer Fähndl, Käfers Wiesnschänke, Armbrustschützenzelt, Nymphenburg Wein- und Sektzelt. This brew is "malty, with good quilting, and a spicy finish." Its different, at least, and is worth a try.

Spaten-Oktoberfestbier: 5.9 percent alcohol. Available in - Hippodrom, Schottenhamel, Spatenbräu Festhalle and Ochsenbraterei. This one is meant to be "malty, light, sweet, full-bodied, and with a light hops-bitterness." Closest to matured beer that we have everyday.


Hacker-Pschorr-Oktoberfest-Märzen: 5.8 percent alcohol. Available in - Festhalle «Bräurosl», Hackerbräu-Festhalle, Pschorrbräu. Described as "golden, bottom-fermented, with a malt-aroma and a very mild bitterness." It contains the recognized aroma and flavor of beer that lesser mortals know.

Most people who attend the event for more than two or three days, try to sample all the flavors.

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