Quiz on Oktoberfest

You think you love this festival and know a lot about it? Take this quiz and prove it then. A challenge on how much you know the event, or take it just for fun. You can also use it in your dinner celebrations for the event in your home.

Oktoberfest Quiz

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Try out this Oktoberfest Quiz and check your knowledge on the festival. You gain one point for each correct entry. That is 12 points for 12 correct answers. All the best!

1. The first Oktoberfest evolved out of which event?
2. When was the first Oktoberfest?
3. How many days long is the celebration?
4. Who is Miss Bavaria?
5. Why was 2001 a bad year for Oktoberfest business?
6. Who was the host of the first Oktoberfest?
7. Which of the following is not a dish eaten traditionally at the festival?
8. What are the beers served during Oktoberfest called?
9. When does the Oktoberfest begin?
10. The Oktoberfest is also what type of festival?
11. Who's the B├╝rgermeister?
12. Around what time does the Oktoberfest close every night?

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