Oktoberfest Facts

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Facts on Oktoberfest

Oktoberfest has gained international recognition and status, and is celebrated in places outside Germany too. In the history of the event, most of the facts are included. However, for tidbit’s sake, we are listing the fun facts for the festival here:

1. Oktoberfest is held in Munich Germany and now it starts in September to take advantage of warmer weathers. It rungs into the first week of October though.

2. The first ever Oktoberfest was held on October 12th 1810 and was organized for the public commemoration of the wedding of Crown Prince Ludwig (later King Ludwig I) and Princess Therese which took place five days earlier to October 12th. The original Oktoberfest included a horse race and the tradition continued till 1960. It was discontinued thereafter.

3. 2010 was the 200th anniversary of Oktoberfest. A horse race in historical costumes was held on the opening day, to remember the beginning and to commemorate the event.

4. On average 6 million people attend the festival each year, and it is growing every year! In addition, thousands celebrate the event elsewhere.

5. On average a 1 liter beer at the festival, known as a stein, will cost attendees 8.50 Euros (approximately $12AUD).

Beer for Oktoberfest

6. Today the biggest icon of the event is beer. But Beer was introduced to the festival only in 1880. This was also the first year a bratwurst producer was invited to the festival to provide food. It received such a warm welcome, that the tradition continued and became the chief celebration in modern times.

7. Approximately 7 million litres of beer, 80 thousand litres of wine, 32 thousand litres of sparkling wine, 220 litres of tea/coffee and 1 million litres of water/lemonade will be consumed over the course of the festival.

8. The beer served has on average a 7.5% to 8% alcohol content and as a result often pass out due to excessive drinking. They forget that the same quantity of Beer has more alcohol in it. These drunk patrons are called "Bierleichen" which is German for "beer corpses".

9. The festival covers grounds which are about 0.5 km2 (103.78 acres) in size.

10. In total the beer halls have seating capacity for 100,000 people. The largest beer hall / tent has seating capacity for 10,900 people (8,450 inside and 2,450 outside). That’s a lot of noise and celebration.

Beer hall

11. In 1997, Oktoberfesters consumed more than 5 ½ million liters of beer, about 45,000 liters of wine, and almost 165,000 liters of nonalcoholic beer.

12.Wies'n, the local name for Oktoberfest, is derived from Theresienwiese, the name of the field on which the festival is held. The name of the field is as old as the festival.

13. Munich festival halls can seat 94,000 people.

14. The beers that the Munich breweries produce specially for Oktoberfest contain 4.5 percent alcohol.

15. The largest official Oktoberfest celebration in the United States is held in Cincinnati, Ohio, and boasts over half a million visitors to their celebration every year.

16. After 2004 the queues for toilets became so long that the police had to regulate the entrance. People wanting to Urinate are sent to the main gate. Some people used the toilets to talk in their cell phones, as it is too loud outside, so now posters are displayed inside toilet stalls asking people not to use their cell phones.

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