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Create your own shamrock hat

Create your own shamrock hat

How can you think of celebrating St Patrick's Day without sporting a shamrock hat. Especially if you wish to draw the attention of a leprechaun and make friends with him. So let's try out this simpler cone shaped one with a shiny shamrock embossed at the front.

All you need:
Green poster board (card),
pair of compasses
(the one you or your sibling use in the geometry class)
craft knife
cutting mat
sticky tape
green felt paper
green wrapping paper
paper adhesive

Now start:
On a sheet of green poster board, draw a circle large enough for the brim of the hat.

Cut out the circle using scissors. (you may take the help of an adult for a finer finishing)

Draw a second circle inside the first, large enough to fit the wearer's head. Cut along this line using a craft knife.

Measure the diameter of the brim and cut another circle of the green poster board measuring about 6 inches larger for the crown.

Tip: place the needle of the compass along the scale of the ruler and drag the pencil 3 inches away from the needle.
Now pin the needle and draw the 6 inches diameter circle by rotating the pencil.

Cut a slit from the edge into the center, after folding this circle into a cone shape to fit inside the brim. Staple the cone in position where the cut ends of the poster board overlaps.

Now, Tape the cone to the brim on the inside. Draw a shamrock shape on green poster board.

Cut out the shape using the knife. And place the shape on the felt paper

Using the knife cut out felt along the edges of the shamrock shape.

Glue it in a way that the whole of the poster board shamrock is covered

Glue the uncovered side of the poster board and fix it on the front of the cone.

Put it on and play harmless pranks as the leprechaun.

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